MLW Fusion Recap (11/30): Lucha Brothers Vs. LA Park & El Hijo De LA Park, Tommy Dreamer In Action

Promo from Salina de la Renta to start the show. Her hands are covered with blood, which she sucks from her fingers while dropping LA Park's name.

MLW Fusion Intro

Tony Schiavone informs us that on December 14th, MLW will present it's first live broadcast out of Miami. It's also announced that the Lucha Brothers versus LA Park and El Hijo de La Park will be the main event. Tommy Dreamer against Brian Pillman Jr is also announced for the show.

Simon Gotch is on his way out for the evening's first bout. Gotch gets on the microphone and says he has a lot of filthy history in Chicago, and offers a $10,000 open challenge to the "filthiest" man who is willing to accept.

Flashback to two weeks ago, when Gotch betrayed friend Tom Lawlor and led him to an ambush orchestrated by MLW heavyweight champion Low Ki. Salina da la Renta would then pay Gotch for his services.

The unknown Ariel Dominguez answers the challenge and our first bout is underway.

Simon Gotch versus Ariel Dominguez

Dominguez goes for a takedown on the much bigger Gotch, but Gotch overpowers him and slams Dominguez to the mat. A series of strikes from Gotch, including several stiff European uppercuts. Gotch lands a short-armed big boot, a deadlift buckle bomb, and a jumping Gotch piledriver. Squash.

Simon Gotch wins by pinfall

As soon as the match is over, Gotch shoves some of the prize money down Dominguez's throat, and delivers another piledriver.

Tom Lawlor versus Simon Gotch is announced for MLW Miami.

Flashback to last week when middleweight champion MJF attacked Kotto Brazil after his victory over Trey Miguel.

Backstage, Kaci Lennox interviews MJF. Lennox asks MJF his thoughts on his upcoming ladder match. MJF says he doesn't belong wrestling in hostile or hardcore environments. He says he refuses to work the match because it's not worth his time.

Promo from Tommy Dreamer, who tells Brian Pillman Jr that he used to be a big fan of his father, but that he looks forward towards hurting Pillman for his lack of respect. This match is next.

Stokley Hathaway gets interviewed by Kaci Lennox. Hathaway says he has no idea who Lennox is, but that now that he's back, he plans on taking MLW to new heights. He explains that whoever he decides to manage, they will be the cream of the crop in MLW, and that together, they will make all the money.

Brian Pillman Jr is out for our second bout of the evening. Tommy Dreamer is out second.

Tommy Dreamer versus Brian Pillman Jr.

Dreamer goes to shake Pillman's hand, but Pillman pulls away.

Tie-up. Pillman takes early control with a hammerlock. Dreamer reverses and forces Pillman into the corner, breaking the hold.

Second tie-up. Pillman wins the exchange by slamming Dreamer to the mat.

Third tie-up. Dreamer lands the first strike to Pillman's chest. Pillman fires back with right hands of his own. Big elbow from Dreamer sends Pillman to the outside. Dreamer chases after him, takes a beer from someone in the crowd, and spits it in Pillman's face! (Classic.) Open hand chop to Pillman's chest. Dreamer throws Pillman back in the ring and tries to mount him for ten punches in the corner...but Pillman escapes and kick's Dreamer's legs out from underneath of him.

Now in control, Pillman unloads on Dreamer with clubbing blows and vicious chops. Thrust kicks to Dreamer's back, followed by a basement dropkick from Pillman. Cover but only two. Pillman wears Dreamer down and lands another stiff kick to Dreamer's back.

Dreamer avoids an elbow drop and begins to mount some offense. Big boot and running lariat from Dreamer. He attempts the mounted punches again...this time he lands them and even bites Pillman on the head. Pillman with a thumb to the eye, but Dreamer comes right back with a standing cutter! Cover from Dreamer but Pillman kicks out. Dreamer goes for the DDT but Pillman counters with a superkick to the gut. Nice sequence of counters from both men, big chop from Pillman to the already hurt back of Dreamer. Pillman grabs his cane to do damage but the ref takes it away. While posing, Dreamer hits a low blow and rolls Pillman up. Got em!

Tommy Dreamer wins by pinfall

Schiavone says that Pillman made a classic rookie mistake. Dreamer picks Pillman up gives him a pep talk. They shake hands and hug. Pillman attacks Dreamer with a swinging neckbreaker! He grabs the cane and smashes it off of Dreamer's back! Teddy Hart comes out. He holds up Pillman's arm over an unconscious Dreamer. Pillman picks up Dreamer for one last neckbreaker. The Hart Foundation leave while the referee's check on Dreamer.

Teddy Hart is announced to be competing in action next week.

Main event is next!

Konnan is being interviewed backstage. (from earlier today). He says that the Lucha Brothers they're going to leave Chicago the same way they tag team champions.

LIJ's Rush is scheduled to debut next week!

Tom Lawlor is interviewed. He calls out Simon Gotch for being a snitch, and says that he won't even be able to enjoy the money he was paid by Salina de la Renta because he's going to break every one of his fingers.

Promotion for MLW's two day-tour in Miami. (No mention of the injuries to MJF or Tom Lawlor...yet)

Salina de la Renta brings out LA Park and EL Hijo de LA Park...which means it's main event time! Fenix and Pentagon Jr. come out second. Konnan is with them.

Ring announcer informs us that the bout will be contested under Mexican tag-rules. (Tornado tag.) LET'S DO THIS.

Lucha Brothers versus LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park for the MLW Tag Team championship

Shoving match to start between all four men. Everyone starts trading fists. Superkicks from LA Park and Hijo Park onto Pentagon and Fenix. On the outside Hijo Park smacks Fenix over the head with a broken table that was left at ringside, while LA Park powerbombs Pentagon onto the ring announcer table. (IT DOES NOT BREAK.)

Back in the ring, Hijo Park sets up a chair onto Fenix's groin, and smacks it with another. LA and Hijo Park then double-team Pentagon, whipping him with a belt and working him over with chair shots. More chair shots to Fenix and the Parks' are in full control early on.

Fight spills to the outside again, where Hijo and Fenix go at it near the entrance path. LA and Hijo wishbone Pentagon over the ring post, then do the same to Fenix.

Lucha Brothers finally hit some offense. Double handspring cutter from Fenix, followed by two sling-blades from Pentagon that sends their opponents to the outside. Tope suicido and Tope Con Hilo from the Lucha Brothers. Pentagon targets Hijo, and powerbombs him through the announcer table. (IT STILL DOESN'T BREAK.) Pentagon and Fenix double team the Parks', nailing them with the same belt LA Park was using earlier. Great tandem offense from the Lucha Brothers, including an assisted cannonball and a very pretty looking sunset flip bomb.

LA Park and Hijo fire back with duel tilt-a-whirl backbreakers which send the Lucha Brothers to the outside. Suicide dive from LA and Hijo! More ringside brawling. Back in the ring Hijo misses a frog splash, Pentagon misses a senton, LA misses a senton, and Fenix misses a springboard splash. (0-4). Fenix and Hijo on the top ropes....SPANISH FLY FROM HIJO. Spear from LA Park to Pentagon! COVER...only a two!

Superkick from Pentagon onto Hijo, leaving Penta and LA Park in the ring to square off one on one. They trade open palmed strikes to each other's chests, taunting in the process. Big lariat with cover from LA Park...Pentagon kicks out easily. LA Park sets up Pentagon in the corner for a superplex but Pentagon escapes, kicks out the leg which ties Park up. Double-stomp from the top ropes! Cover from Pentagon...LA Park kicks out.

Fenix knocks out LA Park, and El Hijo comes in for the two of them to square off. Nice chain wrestling sequence ends with Fenix landing a roll-through cutter. Fenix sets up an Alabama slam but Hijo shifts his weight and turns it into a Mexican Destroyer piledriver! Fenix responds with a top rope headscissor, and a reverse piledriver with a pin attempt. Hijo kicks out! End of Passage driver from El Hijo onto Fenix. Now Fenix kicks out! Steel chair shot from Pentagon onto Hijo...LA Park and Pentagon hype the crowd up again for another one on one showdown.

Pentagon overcomes some nice maneuvers by LA Park to land a lungblower. Hijo nails Pentagon with a chair shot but Fenix saves his brother and hits Hijo with a standing dropkick. Hijo wins the encounter by landing an Asai moonsault onto Fenix at ringside.

Back in the ring...huge headbutt from LA Park to Pentagon. Pentagon with a low blow! Hijo comes in...he gets caught in a package piledriver from Pentagon with an assisted double-stomp from Fenix! Fenix with a suicide dive onto LA Park on the outside. Pentagon pins Hijo...THAT'S IT.

Lucha Brothers retain the MLW Tag Team championship by pinfall

That's the show friends.


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