Sound Off Reactions To Braun Strowman Vs. Baron Corbin At WWE TLC

Yesterday we asked who you thought would come out victorious between Braun Strowman and RAW General Manager-Elect Baron Corbin. Although the vote was very close, more of you are going with Corbin winning, thanks to some kind of shenanigans taking place, possibly Lars Sullivan showing up. Others are predicting Corbin will get the victory and then be fired by Vince McMahon on Monday. For those in favor of Braun, they see a squash match coming soon.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Josh Anderson:

"Corbin has to be one of the first top heels that I just don't want to see in any capacity. Like, I don't wanna see him get his comeuppance for his heel antics. I just want him to go away."

Ian Broombroom:

"Lars Sullivan will attack Strowman."

Bryan Mahoney:

"I think that Baron Corbin will likely win in ridiculous fashion so that he can think he is on top of the world. In the grand scheme of things though Vince either needs to scrap the on air General Manager role or significantly cut the TV time the position gets. WWE for far too long has relied on that plot device to be the anchor of these insufferable three hours of RAW every week. In reality, the champions should be anchoring the show and there needs to be a sense of chaos and cool factor injected in the worst way. Raw needs such a drastic change in booking philosophy I have zero faith that Vince is gonna do what needs to be done. But my pick is Baron Corbin to win."

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