The Rascalz's Dezmond Xavier On Portraying Characters That Appear To Be Smoking Marijuana

The Rascalz are Impact Wrestling's newest faction and consist of Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel. They seem like a group pulled straight out of the film Half Baked and inserted into today's wrestling scene with their allusions to smoking marijuana in their vignettes.

The trio were a part of Impact's weekly media call where Nick Hausman asked them about their decision to portray characters that appear to be smoking weed.

"People are gonna talk no matter what," said Xavier. "We could be having a drink of water and people could be saying it's vodka. It really just depends on the person's outlook and how they feel. We're just guys having fun and they just happen to fit in on our hangout sessions.

"It's not bothering us what people say online or what they would say face-to-face. We're just having fun."

The Rascalz targeted demographic is the younger wrestling fan and Xavier was asked what the younger fan is looking for in pro wrestling.

"Energy…To have fun…Be genuine with what you do," Xavier told Nick Hausman. "That's what we're showing every time we step through that curtain. We're not faking anything that we are. We're three guys who get to travel the world and have fun and it's a blessing."

The Rascalz were then asked if they could pick any celebrity to become an honorary member of their group, who would they pick?

"David Arquette," responded Miguel.

"No, no. It would be James Franco…It would be James Franco," replied Wentz.

"Okay. So what if they had a love baby that came out with a parted combover that never actually had to be combed and was a wrestling god," asked Miguel. "Cause that baby would be a Rascal."

"Yea, that baby could be in," said Wentz. "But if it's just one person now and not a love baby situation, totally James Franco."

"David's gonna be upset because we did kinda extend the offer to him [laughter]," said Miguel.


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