WWE TLC: Asuka Vs. Charlotte Vs. Becky Lynch (TLC Triple Threat For The SmackDown Women's Title)

TLC Triple Threat for the SmackDown Women's Title: Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

We go to the ring for tonight's main event and out first comes Asuka. Charlotte Flair is out next, followed by SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch. We get formal ring introductions from Hamilton as the title is raised above the ring. There are tables, ladders and chairs on the outside.

The bell ring and Flair argues with Lynch. Asuka dropkicks Becky. They all go at it now with Asuka getting the upperhand and standing tall for a pop. Asuka with Hip Attacks to both opponents in the corners. Becky catches Asuka and unloads on her, yelling out for a pop. Becky with more strikes on Asuka in the corner. Becky launches Asuka across the ring. Flair misses a bit boot as Beck dodges it. Becky unloads on Flair now. Flair catches Becky with an overhead throw. Flair delivers a "wooo!" and looks up at the title. Asuka tries to bring a ladder in but Flair kicks her back. Becky tries to bring a table in but Flair stops her next, sending her down on the outside.

Flair leans a table in the corner and slams Asuka's head into it several times. Flair stomps away as Becky brings a ladder in. Flair gets the upperhand on Becky also. Flair ends up going for a Spear on Asuka but she counters for a big shot. Becky pushes a ladder over at Asuka but Asuka moves. Asuka takes Becky to the top and rocks her with strikes. Asuka launches Becky from the top down to a ladder. Becky lands hard on the steel on her back as Asuka laughs. Becky rolls around in pain. Asuka positions a ladder as she is the only one standing in the ring. Becky and Flair are down on the outside.

Asuka climbs for the title but Flair climbs up and slams her head into the steel. Asuka goes down. Flair climbs for the title but Asuka pulls her down. Flair tosses Asuka out to the apron. Flair climbs the ladder again but Asuka comes over. Asuka powerbombs Flair from the ladder through the leaning table in the corner. A referee checks on Flair.

Asuka slowly moves for the title but Becky flies and knocks her off the ladder. Asuka ends up knocking Becky to the floor with a Hip Attack. Flair with a chair shot to Asuka's back while she's against the ropes from the Hip Attack. Flair goes to the top and hits a big moonsault to the floor, taking down Asuka and Becky at the same time. Flair positions a table at ringside but Becky comes from behind and unloads with steel chair shots. Becky takes turns beating on Asuka and Flair with the chair now. Fans cheer her on. Flair kicks the chair from Becky's hands and sends her into the barrier. Becky goes back down. Flair takes apart the German announce table now. Asuka is placed on top of the table but Becky drops Flair with chair shots.

Becky positions one of the extra tall ladders at ringside. She stops to stomp on Flair. Becky positions Flair and Asuka side-by-side on the German announce table. Becky climbs the tall ladder as fans chant for her. Becky leaps out and lands rear-first on Flair's gut, Asuka moves out of the way and avoids the move. Flair clutches her ribs and rolls over in pain. Becky is also down. Asuka makes her way into the ring and slowly climbs up the ladder for the title. Becky runs in and climbs up the other side. They meet at the top of the ladder. Asuka grabs for the title but Becky rocks her. Flair comes in and hits Asuka in the back with a kendo stick, then Becky. Flair shoves Becky away and unloads on Asuka with the stick. Flair with more kendo stick shots while Becky is down on the outside.

Flair sends Asuka out of the ring now. Flair follows with a kendo stick shot and screams out about how the title is hers. Becky comes over and nails a Bexploder against a table against the barrier on Flair. Asuka unloads on Becky with kendo stick shots now. Flair runs over with force and sends Asuka into the barrier with a Spear, causing the barrier to break. Fans chant "this is awesome!" now. Becky takes advantage and climbs the ladder for the title as fans pop. Flair runs in and pulls her off. Flair and Lynch stare each other down and have words.

Flair and Lynch trade huge shots around the ring now. Becky sends Flair face-first into the ladder and it goes down. Becky tackles Flair and mounts her with strikes. They roll to the floor and Flair chops Becky many times. Becky goes down. Flair positions Becky on top of a table, still talking trash. Flair goes to the top and hits a huge flip, putting Becky through the table on the floor. We get a replay. Flair returns to the ring and climbs the ladder. She gets to the top but Asuka appears from the timekeeper's area and meets Flair at the top. Flair tries to bring the title down. They trade shots at the top now. Flair slams Asuka'a face into the steel. Becky brings a ladder in now, standing it next to the other ladder where the fight is happening.

Flair knocks Asuka down to the mat. Becky climbs up her ladder. Flair moves over to that ladder and they trade shots at the top, both unable to reach the title now. Ronda Rousey comes marching to the ring now. Rousey pushes the ladder with Flair and Becky over. Fans boo. Becky and Flair end up on the floor. Rousey marches right back to the back as some fans boo.

Asuka takes advantage and climbs the ladder now. Asuka stands and pulls the title down for the win.

Winner and New SmackDown Women's Champion: Asuka

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