Being The Elite #133: Marty Scurll And Kenny Omega Party, AEW Announcement, Saying Goodbye

If you missed it, here is the recap for episode 132.

* Marty opens the episode with his Unconventional New Year's Day Party. None of The Elite guys have shown up, and a "drunk" Marty gets sad. Kenny Omega ends up at the party. Marty calls him the best wrestler and his best friend. He then bashes the other Elite members who haven't shown up. Kenny says no matter what they will always be Elite.

* Young Bucks talk about announcing All Elite Wrestling. They talk about how the hype for it made them feel the same way as when All In sold out. Both Matt and Nick stated they have a lot of work to do right off the bat.

* Matt and Nick, Hangman Page, Cody and Brandi Rhodes proceed to sign their contracts for AEW. Brandi is the first one to sign, using the official AEW pen.

* Back at Marty's Party, Scurll and Kenny are having loads of fun. Marty continues to bash the members of The Elite that didn't show up until it is shown that the guys have been standing by the table for a while (three hours). They are disappointed, as they wanted to help make it the best party ever. Cody says this might be the last time he sees Marty. He and Brandi leave, and The Young Bucks and Hangman (with a returning Brandi and Cody) stay to celebrate.

* Ad for Double or Nothing is shown.

* It is the day of Wrestle Kingdom 13, and The Young Bucks are going through the day with their family. They reminisce about six years inside the Tokyo Dome. Chris Jericho, Kenny and Cody all take a photo together while Matt and Nick's kids dance to their theme song. A clip of Okada playing with the kids is shown.

* Young Bucks say the pre-show doesn't count after Marty and Page lose the tag tournament. The latter says everyone else will do well tonight. Cut to The Bucks losing their IWGP Tag Team Title match, Cody losing is U.S. Title match and Kenny losing the IWGP Heavyweight Title. All members of The Elite are shown together sulking.

* The guys talk about being together for the last time. Marty thinks they'll all be together at the upcoming Ring of Honor shows. He doesn't know about AEW. They give each other a group hug, before Marty ends up by himself. He reminisces about all the good times the group has had together, with clips from past episodes.

* Back to a clip from Marty's Unconventional Party, the guys leave Marty for the first time. Kenny says everything will be OK before leaving. He also said he lost his phone. Marty says he's the luckiest SOB on the planet, before more classic photos from BTE are shown. The last picture is Marty sitting in the Cracker Barrel seats alone.

* The video ends on January 5th, with a view of the Tokyo Dome. Right next to TGI Friday's there is a red phone on the floor, with a timer going down...


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