Brock Lesnar Still Owes $250,000 Fine To Have NSAC Suspension Lifted

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has not paid his $250,000 fine that the Nevada State Athletic Commission handed down to him almost three years ago, according to MMA Weekly.

Lesnar's was fined by the NSAC after testing positive for banned substances following his UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt in July 2016. The result of the fight was changed to a No Contest due to the failed drug tests.

NSAC Executive Director Bob Bennett confirmed just this week to MMA Weekly that the fine has not been paid and because of that, Lesnar remains under indefinite suspension in the state of Nevada.

"(Lesnar) is still suspended based on his fine," Bennett said back in July when an upcoming MMA fight between Lesnar and UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier first appeared likely. "He is required to pay the fine or set up a payment plan with the Attorney General's Office (to get cleared from the suspension)."

Lesnar would have to pay the fine if UFC goes ahead with the Lesnar vs. Cormier fight this year. MMA Weekly points to how Lesnar staying under suspension casts a doubt on his commitment to return to UFC's Octagon.

At one point it looked like Lesnar vs. Cormier would take place in the early part of this year but the talk died down. UFC President Dana White recently stated that the door is open for Lesnar to return to the UFC, which WWE would allow under his new contract with them. Lesnar's USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) suspension ended this past week.


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