During last night's Royal Rumble Kickoff, Lana took a spill off the apron after getting mistakenly knocked to the floor by Rusev in his US Championship loss to Shinsuke Nakamura. She would end up holding her ankle shortly after. Later in the show, Lana hobbled out at number 28 for the Women's Royal Rumble match and was clearly not fit to take part in the match. As Nia Jax came to the ring at 29, she ended up attacking Lana before she could even get to the ring.

As officials and referees checked on the fallen Lana, Becky Lynch came out and demanded she get put into the match as her replacement. Her request was granted and Lynch would end up lastly eliminating Charlotte to win the match for a title shot at WrestleMania.

On Busted Open, Bully Ray spoke about how Lynch's entrance could have been improved by slightly tweaking how things were done with Fit Finlay. Bubba felt like the casual audience didn't know Finlay in this capacity, as someone who's been instrumental in training and getting the women's division to where it's at today.

"I'm going to give you a scenario in which if they'd given this a tiny bit more thought—and I'm not saying that they didn't, maybe they thought of my exact idea that I'm going to throw out," Bubba began. "But they decided not to go with it, the majority of the WWE Universe—I do not believe—knows who Fit Finlay is. Obviously, I know who he is, you know who he is, the die-hard wrestling fan knows who he is. And all due respect to Fit Finlay, but there are probably a lot of people who did not understand who Fit was. You have to be really knowledgeable about how the WWE works."

Bubba continued that WWE could have had some of the women check on Lana and then have Finlay talk up Lynch, give him a few actually lines that could have clarified who he was to the audience.

"Fit Finlay is out there, alright? If Lana was hurt, I almost would like to have seen some of the girls to come out there and check on Lana, and Becky could have been one of them," Bubba continued. "They could have done this right there in the ramp way or shot it in the back, live, and pan to the back. You could have seen Becky with ice on her neck with random girl one and random girl two, they're all just checking on Lana.

"You could have had Becky sitting in a chair someplace else, and that's where Fit could have made eye contact with Becky and pulled her on the side to say, 'Listen, we need one more girl out there.' That's where Becky turns around, 'I'm sorry, Fit, I tapped out to Asuka, she was the better woman today. I'll live to fight another day.' And that's where you see Fit build up Becky and go, 'Becky, you deserve to go out there, there's no shame in tapping. And I agree with you, Asuka was the better girl, but these people want you and these people need you.' You see Fit Finlay talk up Becky Lynch and that's when he gives her the motion that says, 'go to the ring."

You can check out Bubba Ray's full comments in the clip below.

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