Daniel Bryan Says Stadium Should Be Ashamed Of Rumble Burger, Kassius Ohno Knocks Matt Riddle, Stock

- Above is video of Kassius Ohno discussing his match with Matt Riddle at Saturday's WWE NXT "Takeover: Phoenix" event. Ohno says Riddle's new nickname will be "The Bum" instead of "The Bro" after he beats him up on Saturday night at the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

"I just want to make sure everybody saw NXT TV last week because that was some must see TV," Ohno said. "I know personally I had to run it back 6 or 7 times. It was almost like something out of Baywatch - you see Matt Riddle cascading his way down the NXT entrance way, in those lemon lime flip-flops, to make the save on his unlimited BFF. You see, Matt Riddle was mad because I caught Keith Lee slipping. Matt Riddle was real mad. And all that everybody wants to talk to me about is Takeover in Los Angeles. 'Kassius, you lost in 6 seconds!' Well, come Takeover in Phoenix, Matt Riddle is going to wish this match was 6 seconds because I'm going to beat him. I'm not just gonna beat him, I'm gonna beat him up. And I'm not just gonna beat him up, I'm gonna hurt him. And when that bell rings, you know what they're going to say in the crowd? He's going to look to his buddy and he's gonna say, 'Oh no, Kassius KO'd the Br...' No, the bum. Kassius KO'd the bum."

- WWE stock was up 0.53% today, closing at $81.57 per share. Today's high was $83.00 and the low was $80.55.

- As noted on Wednesday, Chase Field in Phoenix will be selling a special Royal Rumble Burger for Sunday's WWE pay-per-view, as seen in the photo below. The burger is made up of 18 ounces of pork bratwurst patty, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, crispy coleslaw, fried onions, BBQ aioli and a toasted onion roll, topped with fried mac & cheese wedges.

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, who will defend against AJ Styles on Sunday, took to Twitter today and said Chase Field should be ashamed for the burger concoction.

Bryan wrote, "Chase Field should be ashamed of themselves. Made from factory farmed pigs, an intelligent and extremely social mammal, and cheese from cows, who's baby's were ripped away from them. THEN add the heart disease delivered to the people who eat it. #SHAME #TheWorstGeneration"

You can see Bryan's tweet below:


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