EC3 Cuts "Surreal" Promo On His WWE Run (Video), Wrestling Veteran Undergoes Surgery (Video), Stock

- Above is video of EC3 talking to Sarah Schreiber after his loss to Adam Cole on last night's WWE NXT episode, his final TV match for the black & yellow brand. Schreiber asked what it was like to hear his name announced for WWE's main roster a few weeks ago.

"It was a surreal moment, but all moments in this industry have a bit of surreality to them," EC3 said. "From your first match to your match 150, your match 750, to one day walking into Full Sail University in 2013, slightly less-jacked, a big fro of curly hair, not quite knowing who you were, to leaving Full Sail University, to leave NXT, to go away. It was surreal to find yourself elsewhere, and it was surreal to create yourself and create a brand, create an identity and a name, that I trademarked - EC3. It's surreal to have had my name announced to join either RAW or SmackDown. It's surreal to have had spent the last year here in NXT, learning under some of the greatest coaches in the world, under the greatest tutelage of the higher-ups, the office, the guy who answered my e-mail - Triple H. It was surreal to have a 1-on-1 relationship with him, guiding me to this next step."

He continued, "It's surreal to now know that even though my future is undecided, it is unclear, I'm about to have a rocket ship strapped to me, and launch into the great unknown WWE Universe. It's surreal to wake up each and every single day, being able to live my dream. And it's surreal to know that everything I've ever thought of, from every minute of every hour, from every day of every week, of every month of every year, of every decade of every century, of every millennia, what I've been dreaming of, thinking of, wanting more than anything in the world, is to have my name announced. It was surreal to be here in NXT, it's surreal to leave. Thank you."

- WWE stock was down 0.11% today, closing at $78.83 per share. Today's high was $79.60 and the low was $77.09.

- Former ECW, WWE, WCW and ROH star Jerry Lynn underwent successful hip surgery this week. Lynn has had surgery on his neck and another hip replacement since 2015. He tweeted the following from the hospital this week, noting that he has a rough 2 weeks of recovery ahead of him:


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