Jim Ross Comments On Wrestling Being Overproduced, Kylie Rae Joins UUDD, WWE Royal Rumble And Rusev

- Above, indie star Kylie Rae joined Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze to chat about music and previous accomplishments they each had, like winning spelling bees. Rae talked about what it was like being the only girl playing on her high school football team where she played Running Back and Safety.

- WWE Network News reported the full listings for the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble (full listing here) Collection, which includes every rumble from 1998 until last year's rumbles. They also released Rusev's collection (full listing here), which includes matches from his time in FCW, NXT, and on the main roster. Both collections will be available this Monday on the WWE Network.

- Jim Ross retweeted one of his old Ross Report videos that including him and Jim Cornette hollering at each other. Ross gave some insight about the segment, "Believe it or not, Jim Cornette & I had NO writers on this, only a basic length and the general theme of our presentation. Pro Wrestling is WAY too overproduced today."


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