Kazuchika Okada Talks Not Being In The Wrestle Kingdom 13 Main Event, Toughest Foreigner In NJPW

Kazuchika Okada spoke with NJPW about his upcoming match against Jay White, not being in the Wrestle Kingdom 13 main event, and who's the toughest between Jay White, Chris Jericho, and Kenny Omega. Here are some of the highlights:

Once saying Jay White wasn't on his level and if that thought has changed:

"I don't think I'm on an island here. The fans as well are now thinking 'Holy s---, this guy is something else.' He's very impressive and only 26. He's going to grow from here. It's scary, honestly. ... Jay White has a great chance to make his name off of me. But I'm not going to make that easy."

White already being the central figure for the Bullet Club:

"For sure. He's the clear focus. They're winning because of him. He comes in at the right time, hitting the Blade runner at the right time. He can really get that move off out of nowhere and just change the flow of a match in an instant."

Who the toughest foreigner is in NJPW:

"Yeah. I feel that Jay White is the toughest foreigner in New Japan right now. I really do. Tougher than Jericho, tougher than Omega."

Not main eventing Wrestle Kingdom for the first time in four years:

"Honestly, I'm not that upset about it. If this was any other sport, the same sport isn't going to dominate all the time. The Giants aren't going to run the table every year. ... The Dome is always the Dome. So the setting hasn't changed. But the scenario, not a main event, not a title match. What's that even like? I can't remember, so I want to see for myself. I might get pumped up just like a title match, or it might be very different. I won't know until January 4th, so I'm kinda excited, honestly."

Okada also discussed teaming with Hiroshi Tanahashi. Be sure to join our live coverage of Wrestle Kingdom 13 this Friday at 2 am ET. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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