The New Day Keeping Pancakes, Michael Cole - The Miz WWE Hotline Segment (Video), SmackDown Top 10

- Above are the top 10 moments from last night's New Year's edition of WWE SmackDown.

- There's been a lot of social media talk on The New Day dropping their pancakes gimmick after it was mentioned in their New Year's Celebration segment on last night's SmackDown, but it appears they will still be tossing the hot cakes each week. WWE's SmackDown recap clarifies the line on pancakes with the following: "The trio then revealed their new year's resolution to stop eating pancakes. Before the horrors of The New Day tossing out heads of lettuce soaked in balsamic vinaigrette to the WWE Universe could become reality, however, they ditched that plan because nobody really keeps their resolutions, right?"

- Below is a clip from the latest episode of The Edge & Christian Show on the WWE Network, featuring a WWE Wrestling Hotline segment with The Miz and Michael Cole, which doesn't go well for The A Lister.


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