WOW Owner Says Their Talent Are Offered Health Insurance, Opening All-Women's Wrestling School

The Women of Wrestling (WOW) promotion has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to the women's evolution sweeping through pro wrestling as well as the Netflix series, GLOW.

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion was founded by David McLane in the 1980s and McLane also co-owns WOW along with Lakers owner Jeanie Buss. McLane was on a WOW media call in which Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman asked him about offering health insurance for talent.

"Each of our wrestlers has already and always been insured," stated McLane. "Unlike any other wrestling organization, we have full coverage for the talent if they get injured and many of the performers appreciate that and say thank you to Jeanie Buss for that."

McLane then said the Buss demanded that performers are insured even though no other wrestling promotion does that.

"We already do it and we've done it from day one due to Jeanie's concerns to make sure that the talent is protected," stated McLane.

WOW – Women Of Wrestling makes its AXS TV debut this Friday, January 18th at 9 pm ET. McLane discussed other goals that the company has.

"We were asked once, 'What's the goal for WOW,'" said McLane. "There's a lot of them from merchandise at major retail stores would be one of our big business goals. Live touring and presenting WOW across the country… a live VIP experience.

McLane then said one of their goals is already in process and it will give a place to aspiring women's wrestlers to hone their craft.

"Tessa Blanchard and our trainer Selina Majors are opening the first-ever all-female wrestling training school in Long Beach, California. So there is a dedicated place for women to learn this craft and art," said McLane.


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