WWE 205 Live Recap (1/22): Triple-Threat Main Event, Humberto Carrillo Faces Gran Metalik

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Drake Maverick welcomes us to the show, and promises us one of the more intriguing lineups for tonight's 205 Live. He gives a recap of last week's episode when Humberto Carrillo made his 205 debut in a losing effort against champion Buddy Murphy. Maverick informs us that the performance Carrillo gave was good enough to get signed to the roster. He'll be in action tonight...and in the main event...the three challengers for the cruiserweight championship will face-off in a triple-threat.

205 Live intro.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and newest member, Aiden English, welcome us to the most exciting hour of television. English has now dubbed it...the most "dramatic" hour. They tell us that the fatal-four cruiserweight title matchup will be on the Royal Rumble pre-show this weekend. (Not surprising.)

Gran Metalik is on his way to the ring for the first matchup of the evening. His fellow Lucha House Party members are not with him. Humberto Carrillo is his opponent.

Gran Metalik versus Humberto Carrillo

Tie-up. Carrillo snatches on an arm-lock, but Metalik uses his speed to escape. Both men show off some incredible athleticism, flipping counters, and a series of flush arm-drags. Carrillo uses the ropes to toss Metalik to ringside. Twisting tope con hilo from Carrillo! Back in the ring, Carrillo lands a vertical suplex and a powerslam in succession. He goes for a moonsault but Metalik gets his feet up, nailing Carrillo under the jaw. Slingblade from Metalik with cover. Carrillo kicks out.

The king of the ropes, Metalik, jumps from one middle-rope to the other and nails Carrillo with a dropkick. He wears Carrillo down with a chinlock. Carrillo tries to escape, but Metalik overpowers him down to keep the hold locked in. Both men start trading strikes in the center. Carrillo wins the exchange with a quick combo ending with an enziguri. They slide to the apron...big boot from Metalik. Carrillo fires back with a superkick. He climbs and lands a top rope facebuster, smashing Metalik off the apron.

Carrillo climbs to the top again. Superfly splash with a pin attempt. This time Metalik kicks out. Carrillo ends up on the apron again and Metalik JUMPS OVER THE ROPES AND FRANKENSTEINERS HIM TO THE ARENA FLOOR. Metalik tosses Carrillo back in the ring...springboard swanton bomb. Pinfall...Carrillo gets a shoulder up! Metalik puts Carrillo on the top rope and slaps him in the chest. He goes for a superplex, but Carrillo pushes him off. Missile dropkick from Carrillo. He drags Metalik to the corner...headstand splash. That'll do it.

Humberto Carrillo wins by pinfall

Post-match, Metalik and Carrillo shake hands out of respect.

Backstage Drake Maverick is speaking with Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher about Humberto Carrillo's performance. Drew Gulak is unhappy, and isn't even able to fathom together words out of anger. He and Gallagher leave.

Tony Nese rolls up, begging Maverick for a rematch with Noam Dar. Maverick says that he will consider it. Nese says that Maverick should consider what would happen if he doesn't get that rematch.

Promo from Akira Tozawa. Brian Kendrick is with him. Kendrick says that there is too much on the line this weekend...Tozawa says he didn't come to this country to be embarassed, and at the Royal Rumble, he'll be a two-time Cruiserweight champion.

Promo from Kalisto and Lince Dorado. Kalisto says that if he wins on Sunday, all of the Lucha House Party gets to call themselves champion. Segment ends with Dorado and Kalisto chanting the power of LU-CHA. LU-CHA.

Main event is next!

Commercial for the go-home show of tomorrow's NXT.

Kalisto comes out first, followed by Akira Tozawa. Hideo Itami is backstage with Daivari getting interviewed. Daivari says that Itami is the only man in this matchup that has not been cruiserweight champion, and looking to send a message tonight. Hideo Itami then comes out. None of the competitors are accompanied to the ring by their sidekicks.

Buddy Murphy's music hits. The champ joins the commentary team.

Hideo Itami versus Kalisto versus Akira Tozawa

Itami attacks Kalisto and Tozawa as soon as the bell rings. He targets Kalisto, who fires back with a headscissor and dropkick in succession. Kalisto with a combo on itami, ending with an arm-drag that sends Itami to the outside. Tozawa comes out of nowhere with a missile dropkick onto Kalisto. He follows that up with a suicide dive...hitting Kalisto. Tozawa stars jaw-jacking with Murphy, and Itami takes advantage with an elbow to the back.

Inside the ring, Itami stomps Tozawa down. Kalisto tries to get back into the ring but gets booted in the face by Itami. Tozawa attempts to mount a comeback but Itami slows him down with a headlock. Big elbow from Itami onto Tozawa's back. Itami slides to the outside and strikes Kalisto. He boots Kalisto into the barricade, then jumps back in the ring to go after Tozawa. Tozawa surprises Itami with a frankensteiner. Back suplex from Tozawa onto Itami. Kalisto comes off the top rope out of nowhere but Tozawa catches him with a dropkick! He nails Kalisto with a flying elbow and goes for another suicide dive but Itami intercepts with a stiff lariat! Cover attempt but Kalisto breaks it up. All three men are down.

In the center of the ring...all three superstars trade blows. Tozawa wins the stand-off with quick jabs to both Itami and Kalisto. He charges at Itami in the corner but Itami gets the feet up. Itami climbs, but Kalisto nails him with a kick. He climbs for a superplex...Itami blocks it...but Tozawa joins Kalisto for a double-superplex. Buddy Murphy jumps in the ring and powerbombs them all to the mat with a tower of doom spot! With this being a NO-DQ match...the ref can't do anything!

Murphy picks off all of his opponents. Kalisto lands a kick on the champ, followed by a boot by Tozawa. Double-superkick sends Murphy to the outside! SUICIDE DIVE FROM TOZAWA ONTO MURPHY. Kalisto immediately turns his attention back to the matchup, and nails Tozawa with a plancha. Itami boots Kalisto again...he picks up Tozawa...falcon arrow! Tozawa kicks out! Trouble in paradise from Tozawa to Itami...Kalisto with a springboard crossbody pinning Tozawa! Kick out! Kalisto puts Tozawa on the top rope and climbs for a superplex again, but Itami breaks it up. Kalisto tosses Itami to the outside...Kalisto goes for a top rope frankensteiner but Tozawa blocks it and Kalisto hits the mat hard. Senton from Tozawa...KALISTO MOVES. ITAMI OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A DROPKICK. He lands his finisher onto Tozawa...got em!

Hideo Itami wins by pinfall

Daivari comes out to raise his partners hand. Itami and Murphy stare each other down.

That's the show friends.


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