WWE Follows Braun Strowman Through Recent Surgery, Sami Zayn Talks "Toxic" Social Media, WWE Shop

- In the video above (note: it includes graphic footage), WWE followed Braun Strownman through his recent elbow surgery and rehab. This is the first video in a series entitled, Remaking The Monster. Strowman (along with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar) is scheduled to appear on this Monday's RAW to build towards his title match at the Royal Rumble.

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- Sami Zayn noted on Twitter how often he's deleted "reactionary tweets out of anger and disgust" as he tries to avoid "contributing to the toxic swirl of s--- that exists online." Zayn is currently out of action after undergoing double rotator cuff surgeries earlier this year. Last month, in an appearance on Talk is Jericho, Zayn noted he's still a couple more months away from being ready for a return to the ring.

"Maybe I'm overstating my lack of desire to return," Zayn prefaced. "I do miss performing, but like [Jericho] said, I've been doing this a super long time. We're on the road a lot. [Jericho] knows how it is. I just know that when I'll be back, I'll probably enjoy it. But I'm not sitting there itching and clawing [to return]. And I don't know that my employer will want to hear that, like, 'Does this guy not care?' But, no, I'm not even close [to being cleared to return]. I need a couple more months!"


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