WWE Royal Rumble: 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match

30-Woman Royal Rumble Match

We go to the ring and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix is introduced by Mike Rome as a guest commentator. She joins the RAW announcers at ringside. Rome goes over the rules of the match. Lacey Evans is out in the #1 spot. Evans takes the mic and says we will witness history tonight. She introduces herself and says she is the one and only true lady of WWE. Evans says she's here to clean up the entire women's division. The music hits and out comes Natalya in the #2 spot.

They face off and lock up. They run the ropes and trade counters. Lacey falls but get right back up. They both go for dropkicks at the same time. They both kip up and Natalya applauds her opponent. Evans shoves Natalya and swings. Evans gets sent to the apron but she comes right back in. Evans drops Natalya. More back and forth. Natalya with a hurricanrana and a lariat. Mandy Rose is out next as Evans drops Natalya again. Rose hit the ring and unloads on Natalya. Rose with a big knee to the face. Rose tries to dump Natalya over the top but she hangs on. Natalya with a lariat to Rose. Evans tries to attack Natalya but Natalya drops her on her face. Natalya drops Rose onto Evans and dropkicks them both. Natalya goes for a double Sharpshooter and she applies it in the middle of the ring for a pop. They both tap out but it doesn't matter. Liv Morgan is out at #4.

Liv charges and Natalya immediately eliminates her. Evans and Rose double team Natalya now. Evans turns on Rose and launches herself into both opponents in the corner. Mickie James is out next. Mickie and Natalya end up going at it. Mickie drops her with a kick. Rose decks Mickie. Rose hangs on when Mickie tries dumping her. Mickie tries again and Rose hangs on. Evans grabs Mickie but Mickie hits a Thesz Press and mounts her. Ember Moon is out at #6. Ember takes out Mickie and Natalya with a crossbody. Rose grabs Moon but gets dropped. Evans charges but Moon drops her. Moon drops Mickie again, then Rose in the corner. Moon tries to dump Rose now but she hangs on. Mickie works on Moon now. Rose works on Natalya in the corner. Evans assists her. The timer counts down and the #7 entrant is Billie Kay. Natalya works on dumping Evans. Billie stops at ringside and isn't entering the match until her IIconics partner is out. She rants to the announcers. Rose tries to eliminate Moon. Mickie assists her. Moon drops Evans in the corner. Natalya drops Mickie and then Rose. The #8 entrant is Nikki Cross.

Cross stops at ringside and sends Billie into the barrier. Cross goes to the top and leaps down onto the other entrants, taking them down. Cross goes wild for a pop. Cross drops Natalya and then Mickie, then Evans. Cross sends Evans out but she hangs on. Cross drops Moon. Cross splashes Mickie in the corner and then hits a bulldog. Rose grabs Cross and ragdolls her. Cross takes it and wants more. Cross drops Rose. Billie finally enters the match but Cross drops her. They roll around on the mat taking turns on each other. The #9 entrant is Peyton Royce. Peyton takes out Cross and checks on Billie. The IIconics double team Cross now. Mickie tries to eliminate Evans. Moon takes out Peyton. Billie stops Moon from trying to eliminate Peyton. The IIconics double team Moon now. Rose tries to dump Cross. The next entrant is Tamina Snuka. Tamina runs in but Mickie goes right to work on her. Snuka drops Mickie. Snuka with a Samoan Drop to Moon, then Royce. Snuka blocks a punch fro Billie, then hits a Samoan Drop. Cross attacks Snuka and they go at it. Cross sends Snuka to the floor but she went through the ropes, not over. Snuka runs back in and superkicks Cross to the mat. Mickie sends Snuka to the apron. Evans fights Snuka now. Snuka goes to the top and hits the big Superfly splash to Cross. Snuka and Mickie go at it now. Mickie with a senton from the top. Evans and Natalya go at it. The #10 entrant is Xia Li. Snuka eliminates Mickie.

Li hits the ring and takes out Snuka, then Natalya, Moon and Evans. Snuka and Li go at it again with Li getting the upperhand. Li yells out and gets a pop. The next entrant is Sarah Logan. Logan goes after Natalya. The IIconics eliminate Cross. Charlotte Flair is the next entrant as fans pop. Flair hits the ring and everyone gangs up on her. Flair fights them off and takes turns delivering shots. Flair tosses Evans over her head. Flair back drops Moon. Evans eliminates The IIconics. Li goes at it with Flair. Li hangs on the apron but Flair boots her off. Li is eliminated.

Flair and Snuka trade chops now. Logan works on Evans in the corner. Snuka superkicks Flair. The next entrant is Kairi Sane. Flair eliminates Snuka. Sane leaps off the top and takes Logan down. Flair and Sane face off. Sane delivers huge chops and Flair wants more. Sane unloads on Flair. Flair just yells at her. Flair fires back with chops of her own, dropping Sane. Evans drops Flair from behind. Natalya works on Logan. Sane works on Logan now. Sane goes to the top and hits the InSane Elbow on Logan. Sane tries to eliminate Logan now. Natalya helps her. Logan is eliminated. Maria Kanellis is out in the #15 spot.

Flair and Evans face off. Maria gets in the middle and a brawl breaks out. Maria gets dropped. Evans and Flair face off again. Maria bulldogs them both. Maria goes on and takes out Rose, then Moon. Flair hits a Spear on Maria and says she doesn't belong in this ring. Evans stops Flair from taking out Maria. Evans works on Flair in the corner now. Naomi is out at #16. Moon charges but Naomi drops her. Noami goes at it with Rose now. Rose sends Naomi to the apron but she hangs on. Naomi tries to bring Rose to the floor. Naomi eliminates Rose with a kick from the apron. Rose tries to eliminate Naomi with a powerbomb from the apron but she hangs on and uses the barrier, walking it to get to the steel steps. She jumps from the barrier to the steps for a pop. Rose knocks her off, eliminating Naomi. Rose stomps on Naomi as officials pull her away. Flair eliminates Evans. Candice LeRae is the next entrant.

Candice goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick to Moon. Candice works on Sane in the corner now. Moon tosses Candice to the apron but she hangs on. Candice with a jawbreaker to Moon. Natalya works on Flair. Candice with a submission to Moon. Maria works on Sane in the corner. Moon with a big gutbuster to Candice. Flair and Natalya trade shots in the corner. The next entrant is Alicia Fox at #18. Fox takes her time and dances to the ring. Fox enters the ring and dropkicks Flair, then Moon, and Sane. Maria tries to get Fox on her side. Fox says she has no friends. Maria pleads with her to team up on Sane. They double team Sane. Fox with a dropkick. Maria with a DDT to Sane. Fox and Maria celebrate. Maria turns on Fox and stomps on her hat. Fox isn't happy. Fox hits the mat and throws a tantrum. Natalya and Sane fight in the corner. Fox takes Maria to the corner. The next entrant is Kacy Catanzaro. Fox eliminates Maria.

Catanzaro hits the ring and takes Moon down. Natalya kicks her but she counters and holds on in the corner. Kacy with a takedown to Natalya from the top. Fox kicks Kacy. Kacy almost eliminates Fox and they trade shots some more. Fox with a backbreaker. Zelina Vega is out at #20 with Street Fighter entrance gear. Vega enters and decks Sane. Vega faces off with LeRae in the middle of the ring. They shove each other and go at it. Flair works on Fox. Moon works on Natalya. LeRae unloads on Vega in the corner. Sane works on Kacy. The next entrant out is Ruby Riott. She comes out with Liv and Logan, who have been eliminated already. Flair stares them down. They try to pull Flair under the bottom rope and they succeed. They beat Flair down on the outside. Ruby enters and Vega spikes her into the mat. Logan and Morgan pull Fox out of the ring next. Vega crawls under the ring, apparently to hide. Logan and Liv roll Fox back in. Ruby eliminates Fox. Liv and Logan hit Candice with a powerbomb into the barrier. Flair comes back in. Ruby eliminates Candice. Dana Brooke is out next.

Dana with a big powerbomb to Kacy. Liv pulls Dana out and they stomp away on her. Sane goes at it with Ruby. Ruby eliminates Sane. The Riott Squad triple teams Sane on the floor. The next entrant is Io Shirai. Shirai runs down and takes out The Riott Squad at ringside, saving Sane. Shirai goes to the top and hits a big moonsault to The Riott Squad on the floor. Flair works on Dana. Sane goes at it with Ruby now. Shirai tries to eliminate her as they go to the apron. We see Vega watching from under the ring. Natalya and Moon trade shots in the corner. Moon takes Kacy down. The next entrant is Rhea Ripley at #24. Dana and Moon go at it now. Ripley rushes the ring and drops Moon, then Ruby, then Shirai. Moon slams Ripley on her face. Dana levels Moon with a clothesline. Dana tries to dump Kacy. Dana kicks Kacy out of the ring but she's keeping her feet off the ground. Kacy walks on her hands to the ring and crawls up the ring post, back into the match. Kacy leaps from the top but Ripley catches her. They tangle and Ripley overpowers, eliminating Kacy. Moon levels Ripley. The next entrant at #25 is Sonya Deville. Deville hits the ring and goes after Ripley, dropping her. Deville hits a Spear on Moon. Ruby decks Deville. Deville takes her down. Deville with a big knee to Ruby. Deville unloads on Dana with knees now. Deville stands tall but Dana drops her with a shoulder. Dana with more offense. Ripley grabs Dana but Dana drops her. Flair works on Kacy in the corner. Dana with more good offense on Ripley. Ripley eliminates Dana.

Hornswoggle suddenly appears from under the ring. He chases Zelina Vega over the announce tables. Vega runs back into the ring. Ripley grabs her. Hornswoggle is in the ring now. Ripley eliminates Vega. Hornswoggle chases Vega to the back. The next entrant is Alexa Bliss for a big pop. Bliss runs to the ring and takes Moon down. Moon with the moonsault knees from standing. Flair goes at it with Bliss. Flair with a knee to the gut. Deville works on Natalya in the corner. Flair tries to powerbomb Bliss but she slides out and drops Flair instead. Deville drops Bliss from behind. Deville unloads on Bliss. Moon and Natalya try to dump Ripley. Bliss tries to knock Deville off the apron. Bliss eliminates Deville. Bayley is out at #27. Bayley rushes the ring and slams Bliss. Bayley unloads on Ruby, Flair and others. Ruby with knees to Bayley in the corner. Bayley sends her to the ropes and hits a big knee. Bayley eliminates Ruby Riott. Bayley eliminates Ripley.

Natalya and Bayley go at it now. Flair works on Bliss. Moon works on Shirai. The next entrant is Lana at #28. Lana is limping to the ring due to the bump from Rusev earlier. Bliss and Natalya work on dumping Flair. Trainers come out to check on Lana as she's unable to make it down the entrance way. Bliss works on Bayley. Moon tries to eliminate Shirai. Fans chant "we want Becky!" now. Flair works on Natalya now. The next entrant is Nia Jax at #29. Jax boots Lana to the ground and beats her up while the trainers were checking on her. Jax goes to the ring and clotheslines Natalya. Jax knocks Shirai in mid-air. Jax takes turns dropping the others. Jax clotheslines Bliss. Shirai with a top rope moonsault to Jax but Jax eliminates her. Natalya decks Jax but Jax sends her to the corner. Natalya tries to dump Jax. Jax eliminates Natalya. The last entrant is Carmella at #30.

Carmella drops Jax, then Moon. Jax levels Carmella. Becky Lynch comes out and talks to producer Fit Finlay, apparently wanting Lana's spot. Fans pop for Becky. Becky gets the spot and fans pop. Becky enters and faces off with Jax for another pop. Becky unloads on Jax with strikes. Flair grabs Becky and tosses her over but Becky hangs on. Becky fights in and unloads on Flair. Jax tosses Becky to the apron but she hangs on. Becky fights Flair and Jax off. Jax drops Flair. Becky leaps from the top and dropkicks Jax to the mat. Bliss drops Moon. Carmella works on Flair now. Bliss and Moon trade shots, now out on the apron. Bliss finally eliminates Moon. Bliss taunts Moon from the apron. Bliss goes to work on Carmella now but it backfires. Bayley works on Becky. Carmella with a Bronco Buster to Bliss. Bayley hits Jax. Bliss and Carmella go at it. Carmella with a superkick. Bayley tries to eliminate Bliss but hits a Buckle Bomb instead. Bayley scoops Bliss and Carmella helps her. They eliminate Bliss. Jax levels Carmella and Bayley. Flair saves Jax from Becky. Bayley with a big elbow drop to Jax. Flair with a big suplex to Bayley. Carmella counters Flair and drops her. Carmella goes to the top and hits a crossbody. Flair rolls through and picks Carmella up, dropping her with a backbreaker. Flair goes to the top and kicks Carmella away. Carmella rocks Flair on top. Carmella tries for a scissors to the mat but Flair powers up and sends her to the apron. Carmella comes back in and mocks Flair. Flair eliminates Carmella.

Bayley tries to dump Flair from behind but she hangs on. Bayley drops Flair with a knee to the face. It's down to Flair, Bayley, Jax and Becky now. Flair kicks Jax while Bayley is on her shoulders, eliminating Bayley. Flair, Jax and Becky trade looks now. Fans chant for Becky. Flair decks Becky into the corner and she unloads. Jax flattens them with a splash from behind. Flair and Jax have words. They go at it now. Flair hangs onto the top rope. Flair with a big boot, and another. Another big boot into the corner. Flair picks Jax up on her shoulders. They collapse to the mat. Becky is on the floor but she was knocked through the ropes. Flair scoops Jax again and sends her to the apron. Becky comes from behind and pulls Jax down, eliminating her.

It's down to Flair and Lynch now as fans pop. Becky walks up the steps but Jax kicks her back to the floor. Lynch lands bad on her knees. Officials check on her. Jax makes her exit as fans boo. Becky stumbles in the ring and tells Flair to fight her. Fans cheer Becky on as she hobbles to her feet, talking trash. Flair immediately takes the knee out. Flair unloads on the knee now. Flair keeps control and stomps on Becky. Becky kicks Flair to the apron and tries to dump her but Flair takes the leg out and comes back in. Flair tosses Lynch. Becky manages to send Flair to the apron, then kick her off for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

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