WWE Teases Becky Lynch Vs. John Cena Dream Match, Rusev Scolds TSA, Taynara Conti Theme

- Earlier this week, WWE shared the entrance theme music for NXT wrestler Taynara Conti. Conti is the first Brazilian woman to join the WWE. You can listen to the music in the video above.

- WWE shared a picture on Twitter of a dream match, Becky Lynch vs. John Cena. They asked fans who they would pick as the winner. The replies included a lot of Becky Lynch, fans begging for intergender matches, and there were even jokes about Cena's hair being the winner. WWE also captioned the tweet with 'Never Say Never.'

- WWE US Champion Rusev took to Instagram to scold TSA about ruining his meals week after week. This is what the US champion had to say:

"Thank you, TSA for yet again ruining my food and my shake. Open, spilled, everywhere, all my Trifecta meals, every single week. I don't know what is going on here. It's too much, too much TSA. It's too much!"

You can listen to his whole Instagram story here.


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