- The video above is a throwback to when Cactus Jack came through the ring to help "Stone Cold" Steve Austin against the members of D-Generation X on an episode of RAW on February 9, 1998.

- WWE shared Becky Lynch's Twitter response to the McMahon's invitation to come to this week's RAW. Lynch was confused at the offer, though she has decided to still show up.

"The McMahon family have me all confused," she said. "For a bunch of people who keep telling me to go home, you sure invite me to your shows a lot. The Man will come around, I guess. See you Monday." You can see the full tweet below:

- Speaking of Mick Foley & Cactus Jack, the WWE legend was at a Memphis Grizzlies game. During the event, the mascot, Super Grizz, elbow dropped a fan through a table. You can watch the video below: