Excitement continues to build with All Elite Wrestling. Fans are watching closely for regular announcements (or teases of new talent signings). With several names announced already, does the company really "need" a Dean Ambrose? The answer is yes, or at least somebody like him.

As passionate fans we've long cheered on The Young Bucks (or at least followed them closely). We've seen how Cody Rhodes has broken out of a WWE mold and became a true star in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. While we've seen Jericho's cameos in the WWE the last several years, we've followed his exploits in New Japan, too. However, there is currently no name star who would be in the position to transition directly from WWE tv to AEW. Dean Ambrose could be that star in the spring.

Casual fans will inquire as to who wrestles with AEW. They'll know Jericho - as they'll remember him from years past and would be familiar with Cody Rhodes (although in a different mold from his recent rise to a big time star). Many fans may have heard of The Young Bucks or come across a YouTube clip and caught a glimpse of what the excitement is all about. Dean Ambrose has been in a featured role with the WWE for years. Although it often has felt like he could have been more of a star, he has a charisma, a reputation and a working ability that is recognizable to the casual fan. If AEW wants to be huge, they'll have to draw beyond the super passionate fans and engage the mainstream. Ambrose can help the organization to achieve that.

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