Two weeks ago on an episode of RAW, Dean Ambrose sat in the ring after a loss to Seth Rollins to cut a promo. Nia Jax and Tamina would interrupt and head out for their scheduled time in the ring. Ambrose and Jax would talk a little bit of trash to each other as Tamina circled around Ambrose. Jax would hit him in the back with a forearm, sending him out of the ring, referees then guided Ambrose to the back.

Initial speculation was Ambrose and Jax would eventually have a match and it looks like WWE is indeed going with that idea at a February 22 live event in Jonesboro, Arkansas. In the video below, the promo shows an advertisement for Jax vs. Ambrose in a "Intergender Special Attraction."

As noted, WWE confirmed Ambrose won't be re-signing with the company when his contract expires in April. He reportedly turned down a five-year contract worth a little more than seven figures per year.