WWE Superstar, Ember Moon, recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about the moments and the Superstars that inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming a pro wrestler. As seen in the video above, Ember described her childhood as "brutal torture" and she believes that moments like, Shane "The Hurricane" Helms chokeslamming The Rock on RAW helped give her childhood some fond memories.

"For me it was kind of a blur because my childhood was such brutal torture and wrestling was my escape," Ember said. "So any wrestling that I could watch made me thoroughly excited. I remember the first time that The Hurricane chokeslammed The Rock though. I was like 'No, it's not going to happen!' That was so great. I do remember that. That was one my fondest childhood moments. And the limo blowing up."

Ember has retained the same dream opponent since she started out in pro wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix. Ember recalled the incredible feats Phoenix accomplished in the 2010 Royal Rumble match, when she was still an active WWE Superstar.

"Beth Phoenix [is my dream opponent]. Hands down," Ember emphasized. "It always has been, always will be. I loved everything she did when I was a kid. She was so powerful. Technically the second woman to enter the Royal Rumble and the first woman to eliminate someone in the Royal Rumble. She's done so much and that's a dream match for me."

As previously reported late last month, Ember Moon is scheduled to undergo elbow surgery. Her last match was the 2019 women's Royal Rumble match.