Ember Moon is coming upon her one year anniversary after first appearing on the Raw following WrestleMania 34. She originally signed with WWE in late 2015 and made her NXT live event debut in October of that year.

But it wasn't until 10 months later at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II that Moon really felt she arrived as that was the first time she heard her entrance music the way it was supposed to be. For nearly a year Moon had a watered-down version of her theme and she described her reaction when hearing the current version for the first time.

"So the first time I ever heard my music live was at TakeOver Brooklyn 2," Moon said to Chris Van Vliet. "I heard it without the vocals and I told them that wasn't really was I was thinking and they said don't worry we're going to add vocals. So, I didn't actually hear the finished product until we got to Brooklyn."

Moon needed an entrance theme that was fitting with her character and Shenom persona. The original version was simply an instrumental and she needed vocals to really match what Ember Moon was all about.

"They just kinda sent me the chords and the riffs and I kept saying that it needed to be edgier," stated Moon. "Triple H was actually super interactive and saying that it needed more, more, more. And then all of a sudden I had vocals and I was like 'What is going on? This is great!' It's just such a super bad ass song."

Another unique part of Moon's character other than her entrance music is her mulit-colored hair. She talked about the process she undergoes to get her hair to look the way it does.

"I dye it myself," said Moon. "So I buy tons of hair extensions, literally sit in a sad room with a television and sometimes an alcoholic beverage. I sit there for literally six hours a day just painting hair and this is the end result."

Unfortunately, fans won't be hearing Moon's entrance music nor be seeing her hair for quite some time. After lasting over 52 minutes in the Royal Rumble, Moon revealed that she has an elbow injury that will require immediate surgery.

Source: Chris Van Vliet