You can check out the first teaser for CM Punk's new horror movie, Girl on the Third Floor, in the video above. Filming of the movie wrapped last September, and it is scheduled to have it's premiere at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas next month.

Punk plays the lead role of Don Koch, below is the synopsis:

For years Don Koch has skated by on charm and charisma, until it nearly landed him in jail. He now views fixing up an old house as a chance to make up for past mistakes. Meanwhile, his wife, Liz Koch, is concerned about the renovation timeline as they have a baby on the way. With all this pressure it's no wonder Don responds to the flirtations of an attractive stranger. As Don tears the house apart, it begins to tear him apart as well, revealing the rot behind the drywall.

The movie also stars Trieste Dunn, Elissa Dowling and newcomer Sarah Brooks. There will be screenings for the movie at the SXSW festival on March 10, 12 and 15, you can get more details here.

Girl on the Third Floor is not the only horror movie in Punk's pipeline. As we reported last July, Punk will be starring with wife AJ Lee in the horror film Rabid, which is a remake of the 1977 David Cronenberg movie of the same name. The movie is being written and directed by The Soska Twins, who also directed several movie for WWE Studios, including See No Evil 2 starring Kane.

AJ Lee shared the look of her character in Rabid in this Instagram post last August: