In numbers available on SullyGnome (a Twitch statistics and analysis website) for the 7 day period of January 29th-February 4th , IMPACT Wrestling peaked at 6,207 (at some point on Friday night), a 29% decrease from last week's 8,732 viewers. The peak for week 4 was down 40% from week 1's 10,422 viewers.

The IMPACT Twitch channel is programmed nearly 24/7 and over 159 hours in the last week, averaged 243 viewers (nearly equivalent to last week) for a total watch time of 39,411 hours (a 7% decrease from last week). IMPACT gained 1,560 followers over the week (and now has 72,949 followers on the platform).

IMPACT was the most watched program in the Wrestling category. In comparison, AAA was ranked second. The AAA promotion peaked at 285 viewers and streamed 147 hours of content. It averaged 89 viewers with a total watch time of 13,332 hours.

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