Impact Wrestling Results (2/1): Brian Cage & Johnny Impact Vs. Killer Kross & Moose

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We see the cold open for this week's Impact Wrestling, recapping what happened last week in the Impact Zone.

The Lucha Bros. (Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) & Taurus vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) & Daga

The match starts out with all six men getting in one another's faces as the crowd rallies. As people begin clearing the ring, Santana offers Pentagon a handshake and he taps his hand in acknowledgement, but then they get back in each other's faces. Fenix rushes in and dropkicks Santana out of the ring. Ortiz big boots Fenix and then eats a superkick from Penta. Daga connects with a dropkick that sends Penta outside the ring, and then Taurus rushes inside and he and Daga start trading forearms. Daga comes off the ropes and Taurus presses him in to the air, letting his momentum slam him on his face. Taurus with a running dropkick on Daga that sends him to the turnbuckles. Taurus runs through the 2nd rope and delivers a corkscrew plancha on Ortiz on the outside of the ring. On the opposite end of the ring apron, Daga reverses Fenix and then comes flying over the ropes with a somersault senton splash that knocks Fenix to the ground.

Back inside the ring, Santana and Penta are finally going one-on-one. They begin exchanging their hardest chops until it turns in to an exchange of kicks. Penta ducks an attempt at an enziguri and the two start rolling around the ring reversing one another until Santana rolls backwards and catches Penta in a cutter for a 2 count. Santana tags in Ortiz and they combine forces with Daga to hit a flurry of kicks, double stomps, an assisted moonsault & a planking splash for the 2 count. Daga comes in and wipes out Penta's teammates on the opposite end of the ring. LAX and Daga go to, once again, team up on Penta but he tosses Daga to the outside and causes Santana to dropkick his own LAX partner.

Pentagon then performs a monkey flip on Santana that sends him cannon-balling in to Ortiz in the corner. Penta finally gets the hot tag on Fenix and he comes rushing in, delivering a superkick, a leg scissor that slams Ortiz's face in to the 2nd turnbuckle, and a X-1-9. Fenix off the ropes with a flying headbutt. Fenix off the ropes again but Ortiz catches him with a blue thunder bomb that leaves both men sprawled out in the ring. Daga and Taurus get tagged in simultaneously and they immediately begin trading strikes in the center of the ring. Taurus hits a running knee and a chop that sends Daga in to the turnbuckles. Daga with an irish whip and a running forearm on Taurus. Taurus immediately retaliates and connects with a running forearm, clothesline and a jumping kick to the head. Taurus with an irish whip but Daga slides behind him and delivers an impressive, delayed german suplex with a bridge for a 2 count.

Taurus gets irish whipped in to the turnbuckles but somehow comes back, exploding with a crossbody off the top rope. Daga dumps Taurus to the outside of the ring and then tags in Ortiz, who comes soaring through the ropes with a suicide dive on Taurus. Penta and Santana take their turns delivering flying attacks on the group of men outside the ring, followed up by a finishing dive from Fenix. Back from commercial, the Lucha Bros. are using a double superkick on Ortiz inside the ring. The Lucha Bros. with more kicks and combo attacks on Santana and Daga on the ring apron, meanwhile, Taurus connects with a unique, spinning michinoku driver for a close 2 count. Penta gets tagged in and the Lucha Bros. delivers the Fear Factor Piledriver for the 1-2-3!

Winner: The Lucha Bros. & Taurus

Penta grabs a microphone as Konnan enters the ring. Penta tells LAX that they shouldn't have acted so tough at Homecoming in Nashville, because now, The Lucha Bros. want to challenge LAX to another title match. If it was so easy beating them before, why not again? Penta reminds everyone how great of a match they put on, and he implores them to put the titles on the line and do it once again. Next week the two will face one another. LAX hold the titles up in The Lucha Bros. faces and then exit the ring.

Backstage, Killer Kross and Moose are standing by for an interview. Kross says that he's not excited for tonight because of last week, when Cage interjected himself in his business. Kross tells Cage that he's not invincible and he's gonna pay for what he did. Moose tries to calm Kross down and tells him that tonight, they'll kick Cage & Impact's a--es and then go out on the town. Kross agrees and says, "After they pay the toll!"

Backstage, Konnan tells LAX for putting on a good match earlier tonight. Konnan says that he's accepting The Lucha Bros. challenge on LAX's behalf and he just wants LAX to keep things professional. LAX agrees that they have to keep their composure and they'll beat the Lucha Bros. for the titles just like last time.

Su Yung & Dark Allie vs. Jordynne Grace & Kiera Hogan

Allie & Yung immediately attack Grace in the corner and pummel her with strikes. Yung and Allie go for a combo vertical suplex on Grace but she overpowers them and vertically suplexes them instead! Grace knocks Yung in to Allie and then hits a german suplex on Yung. Grace with a meteora and a running back elbow on Yung in the corner, ultimately receiving a 2 count. Grace tags in Hogan and body slams her on top of Yung for another 2 count. Hogan connects with a few forearms and a running dropkick on Yung. Hogan with a flurry of clotheslines and running strikes on the corner on Yung for yet another 2. Hogan tags in Grace and she uses an irish whip in to a fall away slam. Allie comes running in after a tag but gets hit with a right to the face. Grace with a waist lock/Bubba bomb maneuver. Grace tries to come off the ropes but Yung pulls them apart and Grace falls to the outside. Yung tries to spray the red mist but Grace dodges it and puts Yung in a standing fireman's carry. Allie jumps off the apron and superkicks Grace, allowing Yung/Grace to pull her back-first in to the ring post.

They yank her in to the ring post yet again, this time, face-first. Allie pushes Grace back inside the ring and gets a 2 count. Allie keeps the pressure on Grace and knocks Hogan off of the ring apron. Yung gets tagged in and she continues the attack in their respective corner. Allie gets tagged in wacks Grace with forearms to the back. Allie puts Grace in a rear-naked choke but Grace slams her against the turnbuckles and tosses her off. Allie with a double hammerlock and more grounded attacks to keep Grace from her corner. Allie and Yung with a combination leg-splitter that gives Yung a 2 count. Yung puts Grace in a sitting chin lock and tags in Allie, but Grace escapes and the two women stand off in the middle of the ring. Allie's hits don't effect Grace and she comes off the ropes with a pounce/running shoulder tackle. Grace nearly gets the hot tag on Hogan but the lights fade to black. When they come back on, Rosemary is standing on the ring apron where Su Yung originally was! Hogan takes advantage of the effort, tagging herself in and delivering a spinning, fisherman's hook neckbreaker for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jordynne Grace & Kiera Hogan

Rosemary disappears and Grace and Hogan look around confused before they begin celebrating.

Back from commercial, Scarlett Bordeaux is still training for the ring. She finds her personal assistant sitting near the pool while she claims she's hard at work training inside. Bordeaux suggests that they spar, but she seemingly punches him and kicks him too hard until he falls in to the nearby pool. Bordeaux says, "You got me all wet," as she exits.

Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards vs. The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier)

The match starts out with Edwards and Wentz locking up, with Wentz pulling Edwards in to a wrist lock. Wentz and Edwards begin reversing one another, trading holds and pinfall attempts until they each go to their respective corners. Edwards with a wrist lock of his own on Wentz and then tags in Drake. Wentz wiggles out and slides to his own corner as Drake & Edwards exchange some words. When he turns around, Wentz immediately arm drags Drake and keeps the arm locked. Drake finally makes it to his feet and rams Wentz with his shoulder a couple times. Drake goes for a short-arm clothesline but Wentz evades and comes off the ropes with a springboard, corkscrew plancha for a 2 count.

Xavier gets tagged in and the Rascalz attack with a wave of kicks and a double stomp for a 2 count. Xavier with another couple kicks but Drake grabs Xavier's leg and slams him down to the mat. Edwards gets tagged in but Xavier is prepared and delivers a headscissor before tagging Wentz back in. Wentz comes over the top rope with a somersault senton splash for the 2 count. Edwards gets knocked with an elbow by Wentz, followed by a boot. Drake cuts out Wentz's legs out from under him on the top rope. Edwards doesn't like that Drake is interfering in the match and the two start arguing some more. Drake tags himself in and performs a sidewalk in to a pin for a 2 count. Wentz and Drake with a series of reversals until Drake hits another unique slam for a 2 count. Drake slams Wentz's head on the mat and then tags Edwards back in to the match.

Edwards with chops and an irish whip, but Wentz explodes off the ropes with a jumping knee. Drake comes in the match and takes out Xavier before Wentz can make the tag to him. Wentz with a shot on Edwards but Drake gets tagged back in. Drake puts Wentz in another sidewalk slam position but Wentz rolls through and head scissors Drake away. Xavier gets the hot tag, takes out Eddie Edwards on the apron and then starts the assault on Drake. Drake with a double forearm abdomen strike and a dropkick for a 2 count. Drake shoves Xavier off and punches both Wentz and Xavier. Xavier tries for a springboard DDT but Drake tries for the gravy train instead. It looks like Drake is gonna toss both Rascalz out of the ring but they send him backwards in a crazy DDT spot for a 2 count.

Edwards tosses Wentz to the outside and knocks Xavier with a stiff lariat. Edwards with a suicide dive on the outside to Wentz. Edwards grabs Kenny the kendo stick and tries to enter the ring. The ref holds him back and is distracted as Drake grabs Kenny, wacks Xavier in the face and connects with the Gravy Train for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards

After the match, Drake and Edwards get in to an argument on the outside of the ring. Drake looks pleased with himself and Edwards looks conflicted as we go to commercial.

We see a replay from 2 weeks ago when Tessa Blanchard was suspended from Impact Wrestling. They show a video from Twitter, where Blanchard tells Valkyrie that she would never be champion if it wasn't for Gail Kim. Blanchard challenges Valkyrie to a rematch on February 15 at Uncaged.

We see a video recapping the storyline between Sami Callihan and Rich Swann. Swann admits that a lot of the things Callihan has said are true, and he truly didn't have any family to embrace him when he was eighteen and starting to pursue professional wrestling. Swann says that Callihan took him under his wing and opened up his home to give Swann a place. Swann says that he knows the truth though, and Callihan will take the best out of you and use it for yourself. Swann tells Callihan that he'll always have a place in his heart but what he demands is not something family does.

We see Taya Valkyrie backstage and she says that the rematch with Blanchard could have happened sooner if she wouldn't have been suspended. She says she accepts the rematch on February 15 at Uncaged, and this time, she wants it to be a street fight. She calls Blanchard a broken diamond as she walks off.

Fallah Bahh vs. Psycho Clown

Bahh and Clown lock up but Bahh pushes him back and says, "No, no, no!" The men exchange a few chops before Clown comes off the ropes and runs in to a stiff Bahh. Clown kicks Bahh and comes off the ropes with a running dropkick. Bahh with another chop, Psycho with a forearm, and then Psycho gets sent to the outside. Bahh comes running off the ring apron and splashes Clown on the outside. Bahh rips at Clown's mask but Clown responds with a chop. Clown climbs to the top rope but Bahh takes his feet out from under him and joins him on the top rope. Clown dodges him and performs a double stomp that sends Bahh rolling to the outside. Clown comes off the ropes with a suicide dive on to Bahh. Clown off the ropes again with a somersault senton splash to the outside.

Clown only gets a 2 count for his efforts. Clown with a few kicks, a chop, and a splash off the top. Bahh catches him off the top rope and connects with a belly-to-belly for the 2 count. Bahh tries for the banzai drop but Clown kicks him and sunset flips him off the 2nd rope for a 2 count. Bahh trips Clown, splashes him in the corner, and goes for a big splash but he misses. Clown takes advantage and a small package pin for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Psycho Clown

Backstage, Brian Cage confronts Johnny Impact and tells him that the machine is going to have to be his guardian angel tonight. Impact questions why the two can't just get through the match this evening. Cage says that he does want to get through the match and keep Impact healthy so he can have his title shot on the 15th. Impact tells Cage not to screw him over tonight and Cage says, "That's your department, champ."

Also Backstage, Psycho Clown is celebrating with his fellow team AAA competitors.

Johnny Impact & Brian Cage vs. Moose & Killer Kross

Impact and Moose start things off, locking up in the center of the ring. Moose shoves Impact down and begins taunting as the audience boos. Impact kicks Moose in the abdomen and secures in a headlock. Moose pushes Impact off the ropes but he comes back with a kick. Moose retaliates with a shoulder tackle but Impact comes back with a hurricanrana. Moose nips up, eats a dropkick, and then both Impact and Moose nip up together. Moose still falls to the mat and chooses to tag in Kross. Impact tags in Cage and now both men are standing off. Kross and Cage exchange punches in the center of the ring until Cage hits a shoulder tackle and a uppercut. Kross picks Cage up but gets head scissored for his efforts. Cage with a body slam on Kross as Impact tags himself in to the match.

Impact with a slingshot somersault senton on Kross as he enters the ring. Impact with his signature spinning neckbreaker for the 2 count. Moose knees Impact in his lower back as he comes off the ropes. Impact takes out Moose but he is flipped in to a gutwrench powerbomb from Kross. Kross tags in Moose and he keeps the control by mounting Impact with multiple strikes to the face. Moose takes out Cage on the apron, inciting Cage to try to get involved in the match. Kross sneaks in and the two begin trading hot tags and stomping away at Impact in their corner. Moose picks Impact up to his feet and then immediately chops him back down. Moose with shoulder tackles in the corner on Impact until Kross tags himself in. Kross with a snapmare and a sharp kick to the chest.

Kross with a series of 2 vertical suplexes and then he slams Impact's face on the turnbuckle. Moose tags in, also slams Impact's head against the turnbuckle, and then chops at Impact. Moose keeps Impact grounded, jumping up and down on Impact's back until Impact turns around and Moose's groin lands on Johnny's leg. Kross tags in and puts Impact in a modified dragon sleeper hold. Impact switches it around and turns the sleeper in to a DDT. Moose gets tagged back in and stops Impact from making the tag to Cage. Moose with a huge back suplex for a close 2 count on Impact. Moose goes for another but Impact lands on his feet, rolls through and tags in Brian Cage. Cage comes in hot, clotheslining both Moose & Kross, delivering kicks, and a jumping knee to Kross.

Cage with a running uppercut, back elbow, and a german suplex on Moose for the 2 count. Cage calls for the drill claw but Kross comes in and interferes. Cage german suplexes Kross, delivers a spinebuster, but then Cage eats a pump kick from Moose. Cage retaliates with a couple kicks to Moose and then climbs to the top rope. Moose meets him there with the Go To Hell but Impact made a blind tag. Impact comes off the top rope with a corkscrew crossbody and a shining wizard for the 2 count. Kross comes in and eats a superkick. Moose pump kicks Impact and goes for the Game Changer but gets enziguried. Impact delivers the 6-1-9 to Kross, which sends Kross in to Cage. Impact goes for the springboard kick but nails Cage in the face. Cage tries to hit Impact with the discus clothesline but he wacks Kross. Moose delivers the spear on Impact for a 1-2-3 as Cage watched.

Winner: Moose & Killer Kross

Kross & Moose celebrate in the ring as this week's Impact Wrestling ends.


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