If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* We start off live from Super Bowl LIII with a shot of Cody and The Young Bucks in the crowd. Arthur and Trevor talk to Nick about wearing a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey during a Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Rams. They tell him to take off his shirt and put it inside out, saying they are very insecure, similar to reports of WWE not allowing AEW gear during their shows.

* After the intro, a plane ticket to Atlanta is shown, with Matt and Nick teasing where they are going to head next. They explain that they are scouting the world's best tag team wrestlers and have two particular guys they have their eyes on.

* Cody is with Kazarian and Scorpio Sky smoking American Rebel cigars and drinking wine. Kazarian is trying to continue the story of when he had a terrible case of the snickers before Christopher Daniels once again interrupts. He is wearing a mouthpiece to protect his teeth. They all make fun of him, asking if he has a new shooter gimmick. His doctor appointment is next week.

* Back in Atlanta, Hangman Page arrives at an independent show and Cody (with Pharaoh) follows him after. Cody gets beaten up before MJF comes out and cleans house. He is having trouble taking care of the last wrestler, while Joey Ryan is watching the entire thing by the ropes. MJF hits an eye poke before Cody and Hangman finish things off. MJF and Cody hug and when Hangman tries to do the same MJF gives him the middle finger. Hangman is about to attack but MJF quickly turns it into a hug as Cody turns around. The guys end up putting Joey Ryan on his shoulders.

* Joey Janela has another "viral video", this time while wearing two eye patches. He tries farming while on his break, attempting to feed goats and pigs while also plowing fields. Janela sets himself on fire again before quitting the farming business.

* Matt and Nick are talking to Joey Ryan about bailing him out for the third consecutive week. Cody says it is getting very expensive to help out. They ask him where his blonde tag team partner is. Ryan apologizes, saying he'll try to better defend himself. Cody and The Young Bucks repeat that they are all Executive Vice Presidents of AEW. The cameraman ends up attacking Ryan.

* The BTE crew are heading to the Super Bowl. The custom SCU shirts will be auctioned off on eBay and the proceeds will be given to charity. The Bucks thank the Khan's for the tickets before heading to Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This is Matt's first-ever football game. Clips from the game are shown, including the Halftime Show. SCU proclaims that this was the worst Super Bowl they ever went to.

* Hangman Page shows pictures of the seating for Double or Nothing on May 25th. He talks about throwing PAC all over the arena while explaining ticket prices.

* A clip of the AEW Press Conference is shown, with Chris Jericho confronting Kenny Omega. The end of the video confirms that the two will fight once again at Double or Nothing.