Show opens with a recap of last week's MLW SuperFight, where "Filthy" Tom Lawlor ended the 15 year undefeatd streak of Low-Ki, and became the new MLW Heavyweight champion. Also on the show... the Hart Foundation defeated the Lucha Brothers to become the new MLW tag team champions.

Fusion intro.

Rich Boccini hypes the mystery tag team main event match between team Tommy Dreamer and team Brian Pillman Jr.

El Ginrgo Loco versus Puma King is also announced for the show. Matt Striker says our first bout will include competitors in the middleweight division.

Myron Reed is on his way to the ring. His opponent...DJZ.

Myron Reed versus DJZ

Tie-up. DJZ takes early control with a hammerlock. He takes Reed down with a modified arm-drag. DJZ plays to the crowd and Reed shoves him down from behind. They get pulled apart.

Reed lands a boot to the midsection of DJZ. He taunts DJZ, which leads to a short chase around ringside. DJZ catches Reed in the ring with a dropkick, jawbuster, and springboard back elbow in succession. He goes for a roll-through cutter, but Reed flees to the outside. DJZ flies through the turnbuckles with a suicide dive! Springboard moonsault attempt from DJZ but Reed gets the knees up. Now Reed comes off the ropes...twisting tope con hilo! Reed is in control.

Back in the ring, Reed takes DJZ down with a heavy strike. He wears DJZ down with a headlock. DJZ breaks the hold...Reed with a backdrop attempt but DJZ lands on his feet. Both men come off the ropes...DJZ with the misdirection...he lands a flying lariat. DJZ guillotines Reed off the top rope and lands a neckbreaker immediately after. DJZ charges in the corner with an eblow. The second time Reed gets a boot up. Suplex from DJZ but Reed turns it into a stunner! Springboard cutter from Reed. Pinfall attempt...DJZ escapes. Reed climbs to the top...DJZ meets him up there. Reed with forearms...but DJZ doesn't let go. Reed jumps to the apron and nails DJZ with an enziguri. Springboard attempt...DJZ CATCHES REED IN A POWERBOMB. Reed just kicks out. DJZ goes for his finisher, but Reed counters. Roll up by DJZ...Reed reverses the pinfall and has it in deep....GOT EM!

Myron Reed wins by pinfall

Rich Boccini tells us that the Lucha Brothers will be making their decision on whether they are staying or leaving MLW tonight.

Coming up next...Gringo Loco and Puma King.

Commercial ad for MLW Intimidation Games out of Chicago.

Back from break...commentary team hypes the tag main event again.

Cut to H2 TV. (Hart Foundation network) Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr are answering questions from fans online. First question: Which girlfriend will Brian bee spending Valentines Day with? Brian responds by asking how many cities has he wrestled in. Hart jumps in and says that Brian is notorious for stacking girls like a pizza. "Domino style." Brian pleads the fifth to take us to the next question.

The second questions asks Hart which p---y cat he plans on spending the night with. Hart jokes about saying p---y on the network, and wonders if he'll be asked which p---y he wants to pet. He then reveals a video of his cats...Caspian and Mr. Velvet. The rest of the segment concludes with Hart and Pillman joking about Davey Boy's dating life, joking about the size of his genitalia, and other dirty innuendos. Pillman also wishes us all a Happy Valentines Day.

Second matchup on its way. El Gringo Loco is out first. The Puma King struts out second. Puma crawls on the ropes like a cat before the bell rings.

Gringo Loco versus Puma King

Quick Lucha opening sequence that shows off both men's athleticism. They each trade arm-drags. Sequence ends with a double kip-up and the crowd giving an approval applause. King lands the first strike with a low kick to Gringo Loco's leg. He shoves Gringo Loco in the corner and bites his ear. Gringo Loco fires back with a frankensteiner. King responds with one of his own that sends Gringo Loco to the arena floor. Springboard attack from King to the outside taking Gringo Loco out.

King climbs the top and land a crossbody. Gringo Loco tries to evade King's next attack, but King lands a kick to the midsection, then decapitates Gringo Loco with a superkick. King slides to the outside after and Gringo Loco surprises him with a tope con hilo! He throws King back in the ring. Standing moonsault from Gringo Loco, followed by a corkscrew elbow from the top rope. Pinfall attempt but King escapes with ease.

Gringo Loco charges King, but King gets a boot up. Top rope codebreaker from King! He nearly wins the match with a backslide pin, but Gringo Loco is able to roll out of the pin. Weird spot on the top turnbuckle...looked like King was going for a backslide bomb but Gringo Loco blocked it. They bounce back...Gringo Loco with a springboard cutter! Puma King hits a code-red in response. King to the top...Gringo Loco pushes his leg and King crotch drops. He's tied up in the tree-of-woe...Gringo Loco climbs for a double-foot stomp but King with a corkscrew headscissor from the ropes! They move to the other side where they both climb. Spanish Fly from the top rope by Gringo Loco. He goes for the pin...King CANNOT kick out.

El Gringo Loco wins by pinfall

Another announcement on the Lucha Brothers decision. Mystery Partner tag match coming up next.

Flashback to MJF confronting Teddy Hart following the Hart Foundation's title win to ask for a Middleweight title match.

MJF cuts a promo. He doesn't understand the hype for Teddy Hart, whose comeback story seems false to MJF. He says that he's accomplished everything there is to accomplish in this business, and he hasn't been to jail either. He then reveals that he'll be challenging Hart next week for the MLW Middleweight championship...since he never lost the title in the first place.

An interview with Tommy Dreamer from earlier in the day is shown. Dreamer says that the 2300 arena is a historic venue where men and women have bled buckets of blood to entertain the fans, including Pillman Jr's father. He says he could have chosen 1000 different family members from across the pond. "Brian're lucky if you make it out of here alive." The interviewer tries to get Dreamer to reveal who his partner is. "Tonight will be every MLW fans Christmas."

Brian Pillman Jr comes out first. He gets on the microphone and calls the fans smart marks for thinking they know who is partner is. "I'm not getting in the ring with some old ECW junkie." Pillman says he has the constitutional right to choose the best man for the job...and it's....Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Tommy Dreamer makes his way out to ECW chants. His mystery partner...SANDMAN. Teddy Hart has made his way down to ringside. He gives SANDMAN a friendly hug.

SANDMAN keeps popping beers and pouring them down the mouths of fans. This goes on for quite a while.

Tommy Dreamer & SANDMAN versus the Hart Foundation no-DQ

SANDMAN spits beer in Davey Boy's face. Dreamer with Dusty punches and the bionic elbow. Fight spills to the outside with all four men. Dreamer targets Pillman and tosses him into the guard rail. SANDMAN throws strikes on Davey, and lands a straight right hand on Pillman.

Back in the ring...Dreamer and SANDMAN double-team Pillman with rear elbows, and a double elbow drop. SANDMAN unloads big chops onto Pillman's chest. He tags in Dreamer. Dreamer lands a suplex on Pillman, but when he runs the ropes Davey Boy knees him in the back. Pillman takes advantage and hits Dreamer with a dropkick.

Davey Boy tags in and uses his power to wear Dreamer down. Davey Boy with a stalling vertical suplex. (Holds him up for at least 12 seconds.) Cover by Davey Boy, but Dreamer kicks out. Pillman back in. He drives elbows into Dreamer's back before powerslamming him in the center of the ring. Davey's back in. Big headbutt. He goes for a backdrop but Dreamer lands a DDT.

Hot tag to SANDMAN. He levels Pillman with a pair of forearms. White Russian Leg sweep by SANDMAN. Looks like he hurt himself doing it. Dreamer with a cutter out of nowhere to Davey Boy. He and SANDMAN grab weapons from under the ring. SANDMAN finds a kendo stick, and Dreamer grabs two chairs. Pillman goes under the ring and grabs...THE BLUE MEANIE. BLUE MEANIE IS HERE. Meanie kicks Pillman, and SANDMAN SMACKS HIM WITH THE KENDO STICK. Dreamer goes to DVD Davey Boy onto the chairs, but Pillman somehow gets the Kendo stick from SANDMAN, and nails Dreamer. Double-powerbomb from Davey boy and Pillman to Dreamer through the chairs. That'll do it.

Hart Foundation wins by pinfall

Following the match...Striker and Boccini lead a standing ovation for SANDMAN and Dreamer. After some hesitation...the fans join in.

MJF versus Teddy Hart for the Middleweight championship is confirmed for next week.

Live stream of Konnan with the Lucha Brothers. He asks where are the Lucha Brothers going to go? WWE? AEW? AAA? CMLL? Fenix says they are going nowhere. They plan to wrestle EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD. They call themselves the best tag team on the planet.

Pentagon says they do what they want, and go where they want. He says they'll be in Chicago...and they'll be waiting for any tag team.

An interviewer runs into "Filthy" Tom Lawlor on the streets of Philadelphia leaving a gentlemen's club. He says he's been partying with his new baby all night...the new baby being the MLW Heavyweight championship.

That's the show friends.