While promoting Fighting with My Family, Paige spoke with TooFab about the time The Rock texted her in 2014. Rock initially referred to himself as "DJ" and Paige had no idea who that was at the time.

"I got a text on my phone and it was like 'Hey, it's DJ' and I'm like, 'Who the hell is DJ and why are you texting my phone,'" Paige recalled. "And I remember texting and he said, 'It's Dwayne Johnson you idiot' and I was like, 'Oh my god. Dwayne Johnson just texted my phone right now this blows my mind' so he was like, 'Please come see me when you have a chance.'

"So I went and saw him. He said, 'Hey I watched your documentary ... I watched it while up late one night while filming Fast and the Furious and I couldn't sleep and I came across your family's documentary and I just loved it. It reminded me of my family, you guys are so close and it's a story that I would love to see told, that I would love to tell.' And I was like, 'What?' and he was like, 'Yeah I want to do a movie on you and your family.'"

On Twitter, Rock caught the story and wrote to Paige, "Luv this. Paige had zero idea who 'DJ' was when I texted her phone and said I want to meet you. Now of course if I would've texted 'Sexiest man alive for MF'n daaaaaaays' she would've known 'ohhh DJ.' At least that's the story in my head."

Clarifying that Dean Malenko actually said, "It's Dwayne Johnson, you idiot," Paige responded. "Hahaha, I didn't know you had the nickname. And it was Dean Malenko that said 'That's Dwayne ya idiot' and then I had an anxiety attack, couldn't believe it. Also, my brother just experienced the same thing now you just [Facetimed] us in front of a packed movie theater."

Within that conversation, Hulk Hogan jumped in to let Paige know he was going to see the film. Hogan wrote, "Yo beautiful Paige I will be the first one to buy a ticket to your new movie, I can't wait because I know the movie will be awesome just like you! Love you HH."

Paige responded, "Thanks so much Hulkster, you've always been so supportive and wonderful to me! You're the best!"