Kofi Kingston continues to receive high praise online following his impressive showings on both Tuesday's WWE SmackDown and last night's WWE Elimination Chamber PPV.

Kingston lasted for over an hour during a gauntlet match on the latest edition of SmackDown, defeating WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, & Jeff Hardy in the process. Kingston would give another exceptional performance at last night's WWE Elimination Chamber PPV, where, although he didn't win the WWE Title, he outlasted four other competitors and took Bryan to his limit in the closing moments of the match.

WWE.com caught up with Kingston shortly after the match's conclusion to gauge where his mind was at. As seen in the video above, Kingston was disappointed with the outcome of the match as well as the unfortunate truth that his major WWE Title opportunities have been few and far between. Kingston felt a sense of responsibility to honor both himself and the WWE Star he was substituting for in the match, Mustafa Ali.

"Like I said last week, you never know when you're going to get a chance, when you're gonna get a shot," Kofi explained. "I told you, I can still count the amount of times I've had a chance at a major title on one hand. You know what? Year round, all of us, we work on just keeping our blade sharp, because...you're always only one match away from greatness, from history. One match, that's all it takes.

"As unfortunate as it was for Mustafa Ali to be hurt when he was rolling, whoever got the call needed to step in and fill his shoes. And it's weird to say because he's young in the game, but I know him in this position, and he would have killed it because he's been killing it since he's come out. So, I almost felt like I didn't want to let [Ali] down because I know how it feels to be on the outside looking in on a spot that you think should be yours."

As noted, waves of positive response on social media have followed as a result of Kingston's tireless efforts. Kofi even mentioned how the abundance of support has made it impossible to see other items in his social media thread.

"This is the first time on social media that I have not been able to get through my thread because it only lets you go back a certain amount, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of messages, positive messages, where everybody is behind me," Kofi said. "And everybody wants me to have this chance, and we got it tonight. So, to feel it out there live, I can't think of any other word to describe it than 'pure electricity'."

You can see a handful of the countless tweets below, including a response from Kofi at the end: