David McLane welcomes us to another exciting episode of Women of Wrestling. He recaps last week's controversial main event finish, when Jungle Grrrl and WOW champion Santana Garrett both pinned Tessa Blanchard in a triple-threat matchup. McLane explains that while Jungle Grrrl had the lateral pin, Garrett prevented Blanchard's legs from being able to kick-out, and that the title would not be awarded to any competitor until the referees reviewed the tape. "Tonight...the long-awaited decision is made," claims McLane. He introduces Jungle Grrrl first. McLlane then tells the fans that Santana Garrett is not in the arena tonight due to the despicable acts from Tessa Blanchard onto Garrett's father. McLane then introduces...Tessa Blanchard. While Tessa makes her way to the ring, commentary informs us that Jungle Grrrl and Blanchard will battle in singles-action to determine who the new WOW champion is.

Blanchard gets on the mic and berates Santana Garrett for not being there, claiming that she really didn't show up because she's afraid of her. Blanchard states that she's willing to wrestle anyone in WOW...the biggest and the baddest.

The Beast comes out! "You want the biggest...you want the baddest....well here I am," growls the Beast. Blanchard fires back. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Blanchard starts a shoving Jungle Grrrl....Jungle Grrrl tries to slam Blanchard but the Beast interrupts and starts trading shots with Jungle Grrrl. Blanchard slips to the outside and let's the two bigger superheroes go at it.

A vignette for Havoc plays highlighting her journey into WOW. Havoc says when she first got into the business 15 years ago, women weren't taken very seriously, and reveals that she was constantly judged because of her physical stature. She admits that she really struggled in the beginning trying to discover her identity. "It wasn't until years later that I realized I needed to be who I wanted to be," says Havoc. Havoc claims that the only reason a women's evolution happened is because she put in the work for years terrifying opponents and getting the wrestling universe to see what women can do inside the squared circle.

We reach our first commercial break of the evening.

Shaul Guerrero is in the ring to announce our first matchup of the night.

Havoc comes out. Her opponent...FIRE!!!

Havoc versus Fire

Havoc charges Fire to open things up but Fire uses her speed to avoid the bigger competitor's attacks. Havoc grabs Fire by the hair and nails her with a huge forearm strike. Double-handed choke from Havoc. She tosses Fire into the turnbuckle with ease. Fire avoids another attack and lands a running dropkick that sends Havoc into the corner. Stinger splash from Fire! She bounces off the ropes and hits another dropkick...Havoc barely moves. She goes for a third but Havoc surprises her with a big boot!

Havoc rag-dolls Fire across the ring and controls the flow of the bout. She locks Fire in a full-nelson, and then slams Fire to the mat. Cover but Fire gets a shoulder up. Another submission from Havoc, this time a camel-clutch. Fire screams in pain...Havoc shuts her up with a big clubbing arm to the head. Snap-suplex by Havoc. She goes for a big ledgrop but Fire moves. Fire gaining momentum...kick to Havoc's chest. Head kick! She climbs for a crossbody but Havoc catches her! Air-raid crash...Fire can't kick out.

Havoc wins by pinfall

A clip from earlier in the day shows David McLane escorting Keta Rush to the WOW tv truck to watch security footage of who attacked Keta a few weeks ago. It's revealed to be the Dagger. Keta can't believe it, and tells McLane she badly wants a matchup to exact revenge.

Up next...the Disciplinarian!!! We go to break.

Back from commercial...Shaul introduces our next matchup. It's the Disciplinarian, along with Samantha Smart, against Chantily Chella.

Disciplinarian versus Chantily Chella

Chella rolls away from Disc and dances for the crowd. Tie-up. Disc forces Chella into the corner and the ref pulls them apart. Chella locks in a headlock, and keeps it locked in everytime Disc attempts to break the hold. Disc gets to her feet and powerbombs Chella. Disc off the ropes...swinging neckbreaker. While Disc distracts the referee, Samantha Smart pulls Chella's neck over the middle rope. Disc takes advantage and drops Chella onto her gut after a suplex attempt. Reverse sky-high from Disc...Chella just kicks out.

Chella tries to mount a comeback with a sunset flip, but Disc slows her down with a running big boot in the corner. Disc cranks away at Chella's neck before clubbing her to the mat. Fireman's carry from Chella, but Chella shifts her weight and lands a combo of strikes to take Disc down. Running meteora from Chella! She chains together a running knee...she climbs to the top...flying crossbody from Chella with cover! Disc just kicks out. Disc catches Chella in the fireman's carry again...TKO. That'll do it.

Disciplinarian wins by pinfall

McLane tells us that Razor will be in action next against Faith the Lioness. Promo from Razor backstage. She says that she was raised in the streets. "I get what I want...and I never back down," screams Razor.

Match will happen right after the break.

A vignette for Faith the Lioness is played in comic book form. Faith admits that it's been her dream her whole life to combine music, dance, and wrestling. She reveals that the lion is her spirit animal because it makes her fearless. She recalls her first matchup in WOW against the Beast, and calls the moment something she's never felt before. She says that everything in life makes her stronger...even sometimes taking a loss.

Shaul introduces Faith first, followed by Razor, who's accompanied by Fury.

Faith the Lioness versus Razor

Tie-up. Razor pushes Faith into the corner, and slaps her across the face. Faith angrily takes Razor down with a snapmare and locks in a rear chinlock immediately. Big shoulder block from Faith, followed by a leapfrog and another snapmare. Razor tries to slow her down with a headscissor, but Faith gets right back to her feet. Fury grabs Faith's ankle when bouncing off the ropes, Razor takes advantage with a lariat.

Now in control, Razor stomps Faith down. Fury gets in a shot while Razor has the referee distracted. Irish-whip from Razor and Faith hits the turnbuckles hard. She misses a senton and Faith hits a PK to Razor's back, followed by a big powerslam. Faith climbs to the middle-rope but Razor surprises her with a punch to the back that takes her down. Chinlock from Razor, but Faith breaks it with a jawbreaker. Faith bounces off the ropes but Razor slows her down with a reverse elbow. Faith with a big chop, but Razor catches her in a reverse russian leg-sweep. (Double-J's finisher.) Camel clutch from Razor...Faith nearly taps but holds on! Frustrated, Razor breaks the hold herself, but stomps Faith's head into the mat viciously.

Razor smashes Faith's head off the top turnbuckle. Faith gets a boot up on the charge and then hits a trouble in paradise. Faith climbs to the top...Fury tries to push her off but Faith boots her as well. Missile dropkick from the other side of the ring from Faith! Got her!

Faith the Lioness wins by pinfall

Following the bout, Fury attacks Faith from behind. Razor and Fury toss Faith to the outside.

David McLane then announces the main event...Jungle Grrrl against Tessa Blanchard for the WOW championship.

Coming next week...Krumpas...the Norwegian nightmare.


Another video recap of last week's main event to set up this title match. Referee's held up the title because of the controversial finish. Sanatana Garrett needed to attend to her father in the hospital so she vacated her right to the gold, which set up this bout between Jungle Grrrl and Tessa Blanchard.

Shaul introduces Blanchard first. Jungle Grrrl is out second. McLane reminds audiences that Jungle Grrrl has never been pinned in WOW history.

Tessa Blanchard versus Jungle Grrrl for the WOW World championship

Tie-up. Blanchard takes early control with a wristlock, but Jungle Grrrl rolls to escape. Jungle Grrrl wins the second exchange with a waist-lock, but Blanchard escapes with a snapmare and a headlock in succession. Roll-up by Blanchard, but Jungle Grrrl escapes. Nice sequence from both women with a series of quick covers and takedowns. Blanchard rolls to ringside for a breather.

Second tie-up. Jungle Grrrl snatches on a headlock and refuses to let it go. Blanchard tosses her off the ropes but Jungel Grrrl bulldozes through Blanchard with a shoulder block. Big dropkick from Jungle Grrrl. Blanchard responds with a stiff right forearm, but misses a second attempt and hits off the ring ropes hard. Junge Grrrl tries to take advantage but Blanchard drops her to the ropes and hits a running dropkick to the lower back.

Blanchard sets Jungle Grrrl up on the middle rope...leg kick...codebreaker! Early cover but Jungle Grrrl escapes. Jungle Grrrl gets to her feet and decapitates Blanchard with another standing dropkick. Series of clotheslines from Jungle Grrrl, followed by a German suplex! Crowd is hot for this one. Jungle Grrrl picks her up in the fireman's carry, but Blanchard shifts her weight...she has her for the buzzsaw DDT...Jungle Grrrl escapes and lands a thrust knee. Jungle driver attempt but Blanchard shows some trickery and locks in an armbar! Jungle Grrrl deadlifts Blanchard and runs to smash her in the corner but the referee gets taken out in the process! Jungle Driver but there's no ref to make a count. She climbs for the superfly splash...she hits it. Jungle Grrrl has it won but still no ref!

The Beast comes out...spear onto Jungle Grrrl!!! Beast picks her up...POWERBOMB. She throws the referee back in...Blanchard with the lateral press...Tessa Blanchard wins!

Tessa Blanchard wins by pinfall to become the new WOW World champion

Tessa celebrates, and has a staredown with The Beast on the outside. Jungle Grrrl can't believe it. Neither can McLane.

That's the show friends.