Mustafa Ali's status for the WWE Title Elimination Chamber match is up in the air, according to PWInsider and Fightful.

According to PWInsider, Ali has suffered a concussion but there's no official word on when it occurred. Ali is not expected to be cleared to compete this week. The current plan is to do a storyline that will blame Orton for Ali's injuries.

Ali is not working tonight's live event in Canton, OH but the plan is to have WWE's medical team re-evaluate him at SmackDown tomorrow. Ali has reportedly told WWE officials that he's able to work.

There's no word yet on who will join WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Orton, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy inside the Chamber on Sunday, but we will keep you updated. PWInsider notes that WWE is working on a replacement for Ali in case he's not cleared, but no decision will be made until Tuesday at the earliest. The original report noted that Ali was already out of the match.

Stay tuned for updates on Ali's status for Sunday's pay-per-view.