WWE Writer Exits Company: Calls The Writing Team "Brilliant," Thanks Paul Heyman

Former WWE Writer, Kazeem Famuyide, announced he'll be moving on from WWE after being with the company for the past year. Famuyide posted a string of tweets about his experience on the writing team, "The journey was incredible, the experience was immeasurable, and the respect that I'll have for every single man and woman that helps put this show together every week will never ever dissipate."

Along with thanking other writers in the company, Paul Heyman was spotlighted as "A guy who always sought me out to make sure I was good, give advice, help me with my writing and how to maneuver in the machine. Thank you so much."

Famuyide also noted the hate the writing team receives online from fans, "The WWE creative team are some of the most incredibly hard working, talented, funny, smart and passionate people I've ever worked with. They get a s--- ton of unnecessary online hate and 98% of you who criticize them wouldn't last a week. They are brilliant."

Below are segments he was involved with writing, including Elias' zinger to the Seattle crowd about the Sonics, which caused a massive chorus of boos for multiple minutes.


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