If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* Kenny Omega questioned The Young Bucks for not going out and saving Cody when he got beat up at AAA Rey de Reyes. Matt says they didn't come out because they were saving the "pop" from the crowd for their match later in the night. Omega then rips on the reaction they got, "the crowd went mild!"

* Young Bucks show off the LJN Young Bucks figures and said they sold well, so they might do something more in the future.

* Omega and Nick are talking about their C2E2 panel when Matt comes in. He seems to be freaking out a bit and all he's hearing is "Michael Nakazawa." Omega and Nick check on him, and things are still off as both are wearing Michael Nakazawa shirts while laughing manically. Matt throws water on his face and sees he's wearing a Michael Nakazawa shirt. Cut to Matt waking up from his nightmare.

* We see numerous entries have been sent in to AEW for "The Librarian" gimmick. Joey Ryan tries sending in his own entry, but gets interrupted by Hornswoggle, who is looking for Ryan. He didn't recognize Ryan because he had glasses on, but returned when Ryan took them off and looks to beat him up.

* Christopher Daniels wakes up, reads a birthday card, then sees himself in the mirror. He's worried about how he looks at 49 years old and feels like he needs to take the full gear challenge.

* MJF tells off some fellow wrestlers, one of them says they just wanted to tell him Cody is here. MJW thinks he's joking, but then runs out of the locker room. Cody wasn't actually there and the group has a good laugh.

* Cody is in his bedroom and says "I have to do this, it's personal." We see MJF's jacket, Cody throws it, and tears up as he looks at a photo of Pharaoh.

* Young Bucks and Omega arguing about an upcoming co-promotional event with CEO. Matt says no way and basically kicks Omega and Nick out of his hotel room. Founder & CEO of CEO Gaming, Alex Jebailey, calls Matt and says everyone is on board except for him. Matt thinks games are for kids and there's no time for this event. Alex says he has a bone to pick with Michael Nakazawa and wouldn't mind ending his career, Matt suddenly is down with the event and wants the two in a match. AEWxCEO will take place on June 29 at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. Michael Nakazawa will face Alex JeBailey in a hardcore match.