On the latest The Road to Double or Nothing, Chris Jericho did an in-character interview where he discussed his addition to AEW and his upcoming match against Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing on May 25 in Las Vegas.

Jericho noted when he joined the promotion it instantly made them a big deal. Calling himself the "bridge" to get fans to initially watch AEW and all of its other stars, all Jericho is looking for is a "thank you" for his efforts.

"I think having Chris Jericho a part of AEW brings AEW to a completely different level, makes it legitimate," Jericho began. "You're talking about a six-time World Champion, so having Chris Jericho on AEW automatically makes us a force to deal with and reckon with, that's completely because of me, and I understand that there's a lot of weight on my shoulders. It's something that I have accepted, with great power comes great responsibilities. It makes me laugh when people say, 'Do you feel you're better than this guy or that guy?' It's not a feeling it's truth, it's a fact.

"You've got some of the greatest performers in the world, The Best Friends—Trent Barreta and Chuckie T—Sonny Kiss, MJF. I'm the bridge that brings all the people who are curious about All Elite Wrestling and curious—'We've heard about this Kenny Omega, I want to see him. I want to see the Young Bucks. I want to see the 'new' Cody,' and all these other great performers that we have. And because of me, all of them will get a chance to become bigger stars than they already are. And for that, I say, 'you're welcome,' but I also demand a 'thank you.'"

Last year at Wrestle Kingdom 12, Jericho lost to Omega in No DQ match for the IWGP United States Championship. That loss is still with Jericho as he feels he needs to prove to himself he can beat Omega, who Jericho considers the best wrestler in the world.

"I have to beat Kenny Omega, of course I do," Jericho said. "It's been bothering me that I lost to Kenny Omega. He is the best wrestler in the world, but I'm the greatest of all-time. So, to lose to Kenny Omega—while not an insult—it's unacceptable in my mind and I still have something to prove—not to the world, because I've proved everything to the world that I do on a daily basis, how great I really am—but to myself. And I want Kenny Omega to thank me after I beat him at the MGM Grand [Garden] Arena. Kenny, on behalf of AEW, you will thank me, from your lips to my ears on May 25 at Double or Nothing. I guarantee it."

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