Yesterday on Twitter, Eli Drake commented on wrestlers who spend too much "feuding" on Twitter and not enough in places where it really matters, like TV.

"Everybody working overtime with their wrestling twitter 'feuds,'" Drake began. "If I've got something to say about an opponent, trust I'll say it on a microphone. Twitter doesn't pay me. Why would anybody watch on TV if they can tune into Twitter? Don't forget where your bread is buttered."

While Drake didn't mention this in his tweets, a good example of a current feud going into overdrive on Twitter is between Becky Lynch and WWE RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey.

A fan responded, "Totally valid, but for the occasional fan it can bring them back if they see the feud on here." Drake felt overexposure and the uncensored nature of most Twitter promos can cause issues when wrestlers have to adhere to a different standard on TV.

"Occasional fans are likely not following those accounts anyway," Drake wrote. "Over-saturation leaves no anticipation of what might be said next week, especially when the uncensored Twitter 'promos' are better than the verbal delivery on the TV product."

In a separate conversation, Drake further explained his thoughts through an analogy on why it's not good to give too much away online.

"Promote your shows, grow your brand, interact with the fans, but if I keep sending food to your home free of charge, why would you leave to go pick up that same food at the grocery store?"