As previously mentioned, AEW Executive Vice Presidents Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks were present for a discussion panel at this year's C2E2 event in Chicago this past weekend. During the panel, Kenny, Nick & Matt Jackson shed some light on the potential of AEW becoming a touring company, as well as their supposed TV deal.

When addressed with the topic of whether or not AEW was going to begin touring, Nick Jackson revealed to the audience that this is indeed the future plan for AEW events. They hope, however, to keep the schedule lighter than the grueling demands of WWE.

"We're going to be a touring brand, not as crazy as the WWE because we all have families and I'm going to miss them," Nick explained. "So, we're going to definitely keep that in mind because a lot of the wrestlers in the company have families, so, we're going to have certain dates that we're going to have to get through. It will be a touring brand for sure."

There's been a lot of speculation about the supposed TV deal that AEW has had been building toward this year. Although no specific details have come to the surface, Omega explained to the audience at C2E2 that there are plans set in motion that are irretrievable at this point.

"There are things that have already been put in motion [with the TV deal] that can't be stopped, but that doesn't mean that they can't be expanded upon, that doesn't mean that they're limited to that," Kenny said. "I'm still looking at some crazy things to benefit the company and just to keep things interesting and lively. We still will welcome any cool ideas and feedback from the fan base because, really, it's for you guys in the end."

Matt Jackson and Omega then tackled the subject of AEW superstar contracts. Although they're currently encouraging their rising stars to continue working scheduled bookings, it is believed that this mindset will change with the impending full-time schedule from AEW.

"[With contracts], it will be up in the air, it will depend what type of contract their on, or under. The three of us, we probably won't be doing anything really. We might go to China, actually. That's a spoiler alert. But, certain wrestlers, we're going to want them to not get ring rust, so we're going to actually encourage them to keep doing their bookings and we want them to be ready," Matt finished.

"Eventually we're going to have a pretty full-time schedule, and I would imagine that most people, more or less, will be with us full-time," Omega added. "But as of right now, we do have people with not too much experience under the belt, so we're encouraging very much so that they go out and keep the ring rust away."

The three AEW Executive VPs also mentioned the company's current position on seeking out ring announcers. Despite possibly already hiring certain announcing talents to come to AEW, Omega and Matt took some time explain which commentators have their vote.

"I think we already have who we want [as ring announcers]. Well, I think we do, and I think the announcement will come soon," Nick said. "A couple weeks [and it will be revealed], I believe, so I don't want to get in to too much detail."

"My favorite active commentary person is...especially as color commentator, Don Callis is my favorite," Omega said.

"Immediately, Excalibur comes to my mind - I think he's so good, so underrated, and he's got to wear that mask," Matt added.

AEW's next show, Double Or Nothing, takes place on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please provide a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.