On this past week's SmackDown, Kofi Kingston was able to win a Gauntlet Match that would send him to WrestleMania to face WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Vince McMahon came out after the match and gave him one final opponent, Daniel Bryan. Kingston would come up short in the final bout and lose his big opportunity.

Since then, WWE posted a video of The New Day talking about quitting. Big E would later put out his own video where he talked about New Day doing everything that's asked of them in the company, but noting "people like us will only get so far."

Lana has since retweeted his video and commented about WWE's inability to fully capitalize on the success of "Rusev Day." Currently, Rusev and Lana are teaming up with Shinsuke Nakamura, losing their last three televised matches.

"Facts. The reality is it doesn't matter how hard we work, show up early to perfect our craft, only the golden children will get the opportunities. Look, Rusev lost 60 pounds, 'Rusev Day' became the most popular & how was he rewarded? That's life. It's unfair, that's why I'm salty."