Roman Reigns recently spoke with Variety and admitted that he was nervous to get back into the ring at WWE Fastlane on Sunday night.

"I think a lot of it was nerves," Reigns said. "Nothing prepares you for the ring like the ring. I've had some really good training sessions, some great workouts, but nothing is like being in that ring in front of that crowd with the lights on you. I was pretty nervous that I would have that ring rust…but I felt once I got out there and started moving around. My instincts took over and it was just like riding a bike."

Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were back together on last night's RAW for The Shield's farewell address. Mentioning the upcoming departure of Ambrose, Reigns called it a unique time for the group.

"This whole period of the past few months, it's really solidified my views on family and your support system and just being around the ones you love, trying to capitalize on that love and spread it," Reigns said. "It was nice coming back with those guys, and it was more than just me.

"Obviously with Ambrose, the news out with him not re-signing, you just don't know. It's a unique time for us. We've grown as performers and young me to be able to handle a split to where we were separated… but it was nice to be able to put that aside after being out for five months and entertain the fans. It felt fitting to come back in and lean on those guys one more time."