A vignette highlighting the WOW superheroes is played at the top of the hour. David McLane narrates on the shared journey the roster has all taken, and what being WOW world champion means to them all.

Backstage McLane is walking into the arena when Abilene Maverick shows up with crutches, saying that she is injured and cannot compete. McLane asks "who will wrestle Stephy Slays now?"

Cut to McLane giving his signature Women of Wrestling intro to the live crowd.

Video package of the Voodoo Doll's debut against Princess Aussie, where she lost via frog splash. Voodoo Doll would then pursue Holidead's assistance, which sets up our first bout of the evening. A tag match between Princess Aussie and Azteca against Holidead and Voodoo Doll.

Shaul Guerrero announces the competitors, and our first bout is underway.

Voodoo Doll & Holidead versus Princess Aussie & Azteca

Match begins with a brawl between all four competitors. Aussie and Azteca smash the heads of Voodoo Doll and Hollidead together. Double dropkick from Aussie and Azteca. They double-team Voodoo Doll with a tandem elbow smash. Big elbow drop and leg drop in succession from the babyfaces. Holidead hits Aussie with a knee from the apron, and Voodoo Doll takes advantage with a huge lariat.

Quick tags in and out from Voodoo Doll and Holidead as they work over Aussie, targeting her midsection with strikes in their team corner. Holidead thrusts her shoulder into Aussie's gut before slamming her head off the opposing turnbuckle. Aussie fires back with an arm-drag and locks in a sleeper hold. Voodoo Doll comes in and boots Aussie to break the hold. Holidead tags out and Voodoo Doll steps through and applies a single-leg crab. Holidead with a single-crab on Aussie's other leg. Azteca tries to come in but the referee pulls her back. Big chop from Voodoo Doll. Holidead with a snapmare onto Aussie. She hasn't tagged out since the matchup began.

Aussie finally mounts some offense with a jawbreaker, but instead of tagging shout she climbs to the top...flying crossbody onto Holidead! Aussie crawls...she finally tags out! Azteca comes in hot, big combo onto Voodoo Doll that ends with a Buzzsaw kick. Holidead comes in again hitting Azteca with a running boot. All four women in....Voodoo Doll goes for a Michinoku Driver onto Azteca, but Azteca shifts her weight and lands on her feet. Superkick! She has the match won but Holidead pulls the ref out! With her back turned...Voodoo Doll hits a downward spiral onto Azteca for the win.

Voodoo Doll & Holidead win by pinfall

Promo from WOW champion Tessa Blanchard. She calls out Havok for interrupting her a few weeks ago, and says that if she wants a fight, she'll give her a fight. McLane confirms that it will be the evening's main event.

Video vignette for Samantha Smart. She grew up in Indiana, but says that her brilliant mind was too advanced to be wasted there. "I'm smart, and superior athletically," states Smart. She lists off her accolades, like being undefeated as a tennis player, and her hobbies that she excels at. Smart claims that when she entered WOW she could see that they needed her help. She began helping McLane and Buss on the business end, but decided instead to be an in-ring competitor.

Our next bout...The Disciplinarian, accompanied by Samantha Smart, takes on Stephy Slays.

Disciplinarian versus Stephy Slays

Disciplinarian opens things up by stomping Slays down in the corner. McLane is joined at the commentary table by Abilene Maverick. Maverick says that her knee is in so much pain and that's why she couldn't wrestle Slays. McLane calls her a liar. Meanwhile, Disciplinarian continues to work over Slays. Slays with a sunset-flip pin, but Disciplinarian escapes and decapitates Slays with a lariat. Big chops from the Disciplinarian. She is in total control.

With the ref's back turned, Smart nails Slays with her ruler. Disciplinarian takes advantage with another lariat, followed by a suplex facebuster. Modified abdominal stretch, but Slays breaks the hold with a big right hook. Disciplinarian responds with a knee-lift. She whips Slays into the corner but gets hit with a boot when going for a splash. Slays climbs...Disciplinarian picks her up in an electric chair drop...Slays rolls her up...got her!

Stephy Slays wins by pinfall

As soon as the match is over Disciplinarian and Smart attack Slays. Smart breaks her ruler off Slays' back.

Coming up next...Kobra Moon in action.

Backstage Slays celebrates her first victory with friends. Abilene Maverick attacks her in the bathroom with a crutch and smashes a cupcake in her face. Maverick calls Slays pathetic, who is left beaten and in tears.

Khloe Hurtz is on her way to the ring. Sophia Lopez is out to watch the matchup. Kobra Moon is out second.

Kobra Moon versus Khloe Hurtz

Moon evades Hurtz to start. Hurtz snags on a headlock but Moon escapes and whips her into the corner. Running elbow smash from Moon. She misses the second and Hurtz thrusts her shoulder into Moon's gut. Springboard elbow from Hurtz. She picks Moon up but Moon with a snapmare out of nowhere, and follows that up with a basement dropkick. Moon targets Hurtz's back with boots before locking in a modified rear-naked choke. Hurtz gets to the rope and Moon lets go. Another snapmare from Moon. PK to Hurtz's back.

Back on their feet, Hurtz catches Moon in a fireman's carry. She squats with Moon on her back, but she doesn't get to execute the move because Moon rolls her up. More strikes from Moon, but misses a crossbody. Moon doesn't let it effect her...smashing Hurtz's head into the mat with her legs, and landing a senton on her back. Swinging surboard submission from Moon.

Hurtz builds some momentum with a series of clotheslines. Indian Deathlock from Hurtz right in the center! Moon crawls...she reaches the ropes. Hurtz asks one of her ring rats for water but he spills it on her. She pushes him down. Moon takes advantage and rolls Hurtz up! Got her!

Kobra Moon wins by pinfall

Promo from Havok. She commends Blanchard for being a legend in this business, and for working all over the world. Havok says that Blanchard may be one of the best to ever step foot in the ring, but she's never been in the ring with someone like her.

Main event is next!

Vignette on Tessa Blanchard. She goes over her family lineage, covering her father Tully Blanchard, and her stepfather Magnum TA. She talks about working at a nightclub and watching her life slowly slip away. Eventually she found the path towards success through hard-work, and learning the business all over the world. "I was born into this business...this was always supposed to happen."

Shaul Guerrero announces that this main event is for the WOW world championship! Havok is out first, followed by the Undeniable one.

Havok versus Tessa Blanchard for the WOW world championship

Blanchard jaw-jacks Havok to start. She pushes her but Havok doesn't budge. Havok shoves Blanchard to the mat. Blanchard with a slap, which pisses Havok off. She rag dolls Blanchard around the ring. Blanchard goes for an arm-drag, but Havok is too strong. Big boot from Havok. Blanchard lands a low dropkick that sends Havok into the middle rope. Blanchard with a side-kick...she climbs to the top...but she misses a senton. Havok picks Blanchard up and ties her up in the tree-of-woe. Big elbow drop from Havok!

Havok sets Blanchard up on the bottom turnbuckle...running boot. Blanchard slides to the outside and pulls Havok onto the apron! Bottom rope suicide dive from Blanchard! Back in the ring...she climbs to the top...top rope codebreaker! Buzzsaw DDT! Blanchard has the match won until The Beast comes out of nowhere and pulls out the referee! Jungle Grrrl is also out! Blanchard is surrounded by all three women until the referees and security separate them all.

Match ends in a no contest.

All four women taunt each other, but with time out...we are left with a cliffhanger.

That's the show friends.