As seen in the video above, WWE superstar Nia Jax recently sat down with Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, to discuss the preparations she underwent for her upcoming Marvel film. During the conversation, Larson actually accepted Jax's challenge to face her in a wrestling match one day.

Larson's training to become the most effective Captain Marvel possible included extensive combat training. She mentioned how it must be similar to a typical day for Jax and the other WWE stars competing in the ring.

"I started working with a stunt team and started doing fight training, so, punching kicking, rolling, learning how to fall. Some of the stuff that you do," Larson said.

This knowledge enticed Jax, who didn't hesitate to challenge Larson to a wrestling match once she found out.

"I would love to challenge you in the ring any time you're ready," Jax told Larson. "And I'm ready, so, come on in."

Never one to back down, Larson's courage was something out of a comic book when she instantly accepted he challenge.

"Oh yeah, I'm there! Don't - You're gonna regret that!" Brie exclaimed. "It would be so fun."

"And I would love it, I would love to regret it. Any time, you're more than welcome," Jax responded.

It remains to be seen if Larson will ever actually compete inside a WWE ring, however, her film, Captain Marvel, opens nationwide this Friday, March 8.

Jax has a busy weekend herself, as she's set to team up with Tamina and challenge Bayley & Sasha Banks for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships at this Sunday's WWE Fastlane PPV.