- Cathy Kelley previews tonight's loaded WWE RAW from Chicago in this new video.

- Titus O'Neil will be releasing his first autobiography on Tuesday, August 6. "There's No Such Thing As a Bad Kid: How I Went from Stereotype to Prototype" will be released as a hardcover book with 240 pages. ECW Press, which has a working relationship with WWE and various wrestlers, will be publishing the book. Paul Guzzo is writing the project with Titus. You can purchase the book at a sale price via this link. Below is the synopsis for the book:

An inspiring story from one of WWE's most charitable Superstars

One conversation from one caring person can change the course of a child's life ? Thaddeus Bullard knows that first-hand. Growing up, he was repeatedly confronted with negative words and actions. By the time he was a teenager, he figured that he was the bad kid everyone said he was ? until an adult looked him in the eye and said, "There is no such thing as a bad kid." Unfortunately, like young Thaddeus, many children across North America are labeled "bad." They may have short attention spans, unstable home environments, inattentive parents, or learning difficulties; they may get into trouble at school, get bullied, or bully others. Often, these young people are diagnosed with an emotional or behavioral disorder and placed in special education classes. They internalize these labels, and the imposed limitations affect their ability to learn, behave, and fit in with others.

There's No Such Thing as a Bad Kid chronicles Thaddeus's turbulent childhood years as he encountered those who helped him to shed the label and realize his unique greatness and his value and potential. Thaddeus's remarkable story will provide hope and inspiration to children in similar circumstances and will help guide well-meaning adults in how to pay forward their successes to a generation of disadvantaged children.

- As noted, Rusev and Lana will be appearing on TNT's Drop The Mic battle rap show, which airs this Wednesday night at 10pm. They will battle Mark Cuban. The show tweeted the following to promote the battle: