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Show opens with a promo video from Chikara, asking the wrestle-verse to support independent wrestling, and to stop lining the pockets of corporate billionaires.

Mike Quackenbush is on commentary and welcomes us toOnce Upon A Beginning. Ring announcer gets us right into the action.

Tag team bout to begin. Chris Brooks and Kid Lykos, aka CCK, are out first. Their opponents...the tag-team specialists...Crummels and Defarge.

CCK versus Crummels & Defarge

Lykos and Defarge begin. Defarge goes for a big boot...Lykos evades and goes for a brainbuster. Dodge. Frankensteiner from Lykos, followed by a flush dropkick. Defarge shoves Lykos into his team's corner. Crummels tags in. He blocks a hip-toss but isn't able to take advantage. Brooks tags in. He hits the hip-toss. Drive-by kick. Early cover from Brooks....kickout. Brooks sits atop Crummels and attempts to shove his fingers down Crummels mouth. Crummels gets to his feet...and puts Brooks fingers in his mouth on his own will. Defarge comes in for the double-team...Brooks gets the better of both of them.

Lykos back in. He tries for the brainbuster again...Crummels has it scouted and is able to tag out. Tandem offense from the tag specialists. Big chop to Lykos' chest. Running elbow from Crummels. Defarge gets tagged in. Running uppercut and running big boot. Lykos lays into Defarge with uppercuts. Brawl ensues. Lykos wins the exchange and nails a big combo. Brooks back in. Huge knife edged chop. Defarge and Crummels come in. Brooks with a mid-rope missile dropkick. He tosses both men to the outside and goes for a suicide dive...Crummels and Defarge pull him out.

Back in the ring Lykos nails a springboard reverse stunner, while Brooks lands a top rope double-stomp. Defarge is somehow able to kick out. Tandem offense from Crummels and Defarge again...huge lariat from Defarge. Crummels and Brooks the legal men. He goes for an unprettier...Lykos hits a flying knee. Brooks jumps in with a springboard cutter! Brainbuster from Lykos! The pin is broken up! Brooks and Crummels in...Brooks goes for a piledriver...it's blocked. Powerbomb from Defarge onto his partner's knees! Brooks in trouble...Lykos breaks up the pin! Split-legged moonsault from Lykos onto Crummels. Lykos climbs...SUPER MONKEY FLIP. Crummels and Defarge win.

Crummels & Defarge win by pinfall.

The fans give a loud GCW chant. Singles action is next. A one-fall bout between Missile Assault Man (MAM for purposes of play-by-play) against Boomer Hatfield. Quackenbush says that Hatfield made his Chikara debut with his father.

Missile Assault Man versus Boomer Hatfield

Tie-up. MAM shoves the smaller Hatfield into the corner...he rag-dolls him across the ring. Hatfield attempts an arm-drag but MAM overpowers him with a stiff lariat. Clubbing blows from MAM. Snapmare and stomp. MAM targets the right leg. He goes for the sharpshooter...Hatfield blocks it...pump kick from MAM. Northern-lights, followed by a series of elbows. Pop-up uppercut from MAM. He's looked dominant in the early goings. MAM mounts Hatfield and lays into him with forearms. He picks up Hatfield from the throat and slams him into the mat. Firemans carry...Hatfield turns it into an arm-drag. Fastball special from Hatfield! Two count. Spinning headscissor sends MAM to ringside. As he tries to come back in Hatfield ties him up and hits a tornado DDT. Cover...MAM's leg is on the ropes. Hatfield climbs...crossbody...MAM catches him! Missile launcher into the turnbuckle. It's over.

Missile Assault Man wins by pinfall.

Nice response for Hatfield as he walks out. The next match is an eight-man tag, and features competitors who have all won the Young Lion's cup.

Cam Zagami is out first, followed by Arik Cannon, Hermit Crab and Hallowicked. Second team consists of Jigsaw, Thunderfrog, Razerhawk, and Chuck Taylor, although he's announced as Stokely Hathaway.

Cam Zagami & Arik Cannon & Hermit Crab & Hallowicked versus Jigsaw & Thunderfrog & Razerhawk & Chuck Taylor

Lots of playing to the crowd to open. Taylor and Cannon begin, but nothing advances besides a few rest-holds and crowd spots. Hallowicked and Jigsaw come in. Nice lucha sequence...Jigsaw with a crucifix pin...Hallowicked shifts and ends up in a pinfall attempt himself. Flying headscissor from Hallowicked. Jigsaw bounces right back up, takes Hallowicked down...and nails a standing double-stomp. Hermit Crab and Thunderfrog are in next. Thunderfrog brings in his hammer but the referee makes him get rid of it. Hermit Crab wins a test of strength...Thunderfrog responds with a series of axe handles. Airplane spin from Thunderfrog. He goes for a while in both directions! Hermit Crab lands in the corner...cannonball! Zagami comes in and attacks Thunderfrog...everyone jumps into the ring! Four corners of mounted punching!

Order is restored. Cannon lays into Thunderfrog with huge chops. Thunderfrog tries for a comeback...discuss lariat from Cannon. Hermit Crab tags back in. He pushes Thunderfrog into his teams corner...they all attack him with the referee's back turned. Thunderfrog with a blue-thunder bomb...he tags out! Jigsaw is back in. He's on fire attacking everybody with quick strikes...german to Zagami who goes to the outside. Suicide dive from Jigsaw! Everyone in the ring again. Crowd chants "Stokely" for Chuck Taylor. Falcon Arrow from Taylor onto Cannon...he nearly wins it but Cannon kicks out. Double-stomp from Taylor...Cannon moves. Hallowicked catches Taylor in a sky-high spinebuster. Jigsaw with a brainbuster. Cannon breaks up the pin and nails Jigsaw with a haymaker and a twisting final cut. Razerhawk throws Cannon to the outside. TOPE CON HILO. Maneuvers from everybody. Handspring double-elbow from Razerhawk. Zagami goes for a superplex onto Razerhawk but it gets blocked...he pushes him down. Some sloppiness as no one seems to know what the next spot is. Zagami and Razerhawk end up in the corner again. Thunderfrog slams his hammer in the ring and Zagami and the ref go flying. Swanton frm Razerhawk...that's it.

Razerhawk & Jigsaw & Thunderfrog & Stokely Hathaway (Chuck Taylor) win by pinfall.

Next matchup is singles-action. Air Wolf is taking on...A-Kid.

Air Wolf versus A-Kid

Chain wrestling to start. A-Kid slows Air Wolf down with a headscissor. Air Wolf bounces A-Kid off the ropes...arm-drag and a dropkick from A-Kid. He goes for a leapfrog but Air Wolf surprises him with a dropkick out of nowhere. Snap suplex from Air Wolf...he transitions into a cover...kickout. Rings of Saturn submission. Air Wolf adds a joint-manipulation wristlock. A-Kid is eventually able to escape. Backbreaker from Air Wolf. He nails A-Kid with a stiff forearm, then lights him up with kicks to his chest. A-Kid absorbs the punishment...he baits him and catches a kick...open hand strikes! Air Wolf responds with a combo. Back and forth action. A-Kid with a triangle submission...Air Wolf deadlifts him up...mid-air collision. Both men are down!

A-Kid hits a Northern-Lights suplex onto Air Wolf. He charges him in the corner...Air Wolf with an enziguri. A-Kid rolls to ringside. Flying crossbody over the top by Air Wolf! Back in the ring Air Wolf lands a springboard back press but doesn't get all of it. Double-underhook attempt...A-Kid blocks it and hits Air Wolf with a knee. Big German suplex from A-Kid. He climbs...missile dropkick! Cover...Air Wolf gets a shoulder up. Both men trade strikes in the center...Air Wolf wins the exchange pounding A-Kid into the mat. A-Kid applies the triangle-hold again! Again Air-Wolf deadlifts him...A-KID TURNS IT INTO A MEXICAN DESTROYER. A-Kid sets him up for a top rope-spanish fly...AIR WOLF WITH THE DOUBLE-UNDERHOOK OFF THE TOP. A-Kid somehow kicks out! Crowd is loving this. Air Wolf climbs...A-Kid with an enziguri. He meets him up top...Spanish-Fly from the top. A-Kid snags the W.

A-Kid wins by pinfall.

Show of respect from Air Wolf as he shakes A-Kid's hand. They share a quick embrace. Ring announcer introduces Juan Francisco DeCoranado. Francisco says that he's fallen on some hard times, both personally and financially. He reveals that he's had his citizenship from Ecuador revoked, and that he's lost every ounce of dignity and self-respect that he's had. "The truth is...it's made me do some real soul-searching," says Franciso. "Maybe I'm not good enough. Maybe all of this isn't worth it. Maybe I would be better off if I just quit." Crowd cheers the notion of him quoting. He goes on...stating that with thousands of fans traveling to New York...none of them came to see him. However, Francisco spins it, claiming that he can change them. He informs everyone of his name-change..."John Francis of Coranado." Segment ends.

Next bout will be for the Young Lions cup. Still Life with Apricots and Pears is out first. Carlos Romo challenges.

Still Life With Apricots and Pears versus Carlos Romo for the Young Lions Cup Championship

Still Life offers a handshake...Romo goes for it but Still Life kicks him in the gut! Action picks up...Romo with a crescent kick as Still Life bounces off the ropes. Romo lands on his leg weird...Still Life takes advantage targeting the leg with a basement dropkick. They weaken the leg further with an elbow drop and a toe-hold submission. Still Life forces Romo into the turnbuckles. Big overhand chop. Romo reciprocates with one of his own. Still Life gets fired up. They lay into Romo with forearms. Still Life goes for a figure-four...Romo rolls him up! Kickout. Romo with a backslide...shining wizard using the healthy leg. Stunner attempt...Still Life blocks it but eats a pump knee from Romo. Slingshot stunner from Romo. He climbs...moonsault misses. Still Life applies the Venus-Fly trap right in the center. Romo tries to reach for the ropes but Still Life thwarts every attempt. Romo taps.

Still Life With Apricots and Pears wins by submission and retains the Young Lions Cup Championship

Intergender action up-next. The Whisper battles fellow tag champion Princess Kimberlee.

The Whisper versus Princess Kimberlee

Kimberlee with a German suplex right at the bell. Another. And another. Four suplexes. FIVE SUPLEXES. SIX AND SEVEN. Whisper looks dazed. An eighth suplex. She gets to ten. Whisper finally blocks one...reverse GTS from Whisper nearly wins the match. Whisper goes for a German of his own...big mistake...as Kimberlee shifts behind and hits the 11th suplex. She lands the 12th and remains in contact to a hit a trio. Whisper is able to strike a few elbows...German Suplex form Whisper but it has no effect. Final German from Kimberlee...Whisper can't get up.

Princess Kimberlee wins by pinfall.

Trios match is next.

F.I.S.T versus The Colony

All six-men in the ring. Brawl ensues all over the place. F.I.S.T. isolates Green Ant. Huckabee tries to target the leg but Green Ant reverses and tags out. Demp WITH A SUICIDE DIVE AND HE LANDS IN THE FOURTH ROW. Green Ant goes over with a plancha. Fire Ant and Icarus go at it in the center. Icarus rolls to the outside...ANTAPULT takes all of F.I.S.T. out. Dueling superkicks from Colony. Green Ant goes for the Chikara special but Huckabee breaks it up. Huge headbutt decapitates Green Ant. Triple-team offense by F.I.S.T. Colony responds with a tandem dropkick. Butterfly suplex blocked by Fire Ant...Stretch Muffler applied! Icarus goes for a pedigree...it's reversed! Action all over the place. Green Ant locks in the Chikara special...Icarus picks him up from his mask and DVD's him into the turnbuckle. Icarus lands the pedigree...Fire Ant with the save.

Action all over the place. Fire Ant and Icarus meet in the center again...combo from Fire Ant. Icarus with a handspring German suplex but Fire Ant bounces up and lands a PK! Right of passage! Kick out! Fire Ant climbs but Huckabee meets him up top. They struggle...super Frankensteiner. Green Ant comes in with the Chikara submission...Huckabee transitions into the Stretch Muffler...Green Ant escapes but Huckabee turns it into a kneebar. Green Ant taps!

F.I.S.T. wins by submission

Senior referee official introduces the new Director of Fun. A man named Sidney Bakabella enters. He wears a sparkling gold jacket and a red bow-tie. Bakabella addresses the live crowd, telling them to quiet down. He reintroduces himself as the new Director of Fun. He says that he heard about the position and after consulting multiple sources in the industry, he decided it was for him. He promises that he will bring exactly what Chikara has been missing.

Main event is next! Video recap of Mr. Touchdown's thrilling title victory over John Francis, ending a near 400 day championship reign. He had to relinquish due to injury, that's when Dasher Hatfield began his epic run. Video package ends.

Dasher Hatfield versus Mr Touchdown Ladder Match for the Chikara Grand Championship

Hatfield and Touchdown go right at each other. Fight spills to the outside. Hatfield gains the early advantage with forearms. He slams Touchdown's head off the side-apron. Touchdown fires back with chops to the chest, slamming Hatfield off the apron as well. Clubbing blows from Touchdown. Foot stomp by Hatfield. He throws Touchdown back in the ring, then slides the ladder into the ring as well. Baseball slide from Touchdown. He sets the ladder up and begins to climb...Hatfield jumps right in but Touchdown meets him. He thrusts his shoulders into Hatfield's ribs. Hatfield shakes it off and lands a jumping jawbreaker. He moves the ladder into the corner. Hatfield with an Irish-Whip attempt...Touchdown stops...Hatfield charges...Touchdown moves...CORNER DROPKICK INTO THE LADDER. Signature football splashes from Touchdown. He drapes the ladder over Hatfield...HUGE BODY SPLASH ONTO THE LADDER CRUSHING HATFIELD. Touchdown climbs the ladder again...Hatfield shoves Touchdown off and he hits the ropes hard hurting his leg. Hatfield in quick pursuit. He powerslams Touchdown legs first onto the ring apron.

Hatfield goes for a powerbomb on the outside but Touchdown back body drops him onto the unprotected floor. Touchdown reaches under the ring...he reveals a MUCH larger ladder, and places it into the ring. Both men back inside. Touchdown drops Hatfield into the turnbuckle with a back body drop. While Touchdown tries to climb...Hatfield surprises him with a tornado punch to the gut. Hatfield tries to toss a ladder at Touchdown but he avoids it. Touchdown tries to catapult Hatfield but he ends up throwing him onto the ladder. Touchdown jumps up...super back body drop off the ladder. Touchdown starts to climb but Hatfield is right there with a dropkick. PK to the back of Touchdown's handspring. Suplex attempt...Touchdown lands on his feet. Another back bodydrop. Touchdown sets the smaller ladder up in the corner...Hatfield picks him up and hits a shinbuster into the ladder. Touchdown is in the tree-of-woe. Hatfield puts the ladder right by his head...baseball slide! Hatfield climbs and nearing the top. Touchdown uses the smaller ladder as a weapon to hit Hatfield off. Both ladders set up in the center right next to each other. Touchdown climbs the smaller one, while Hatfield climbs the other. A "please don't die" chant comes from the crowd. Powerful blows from each man trying to knock the other off...they both push and both ladders collapse sending Hatfield and Touchdown into the ring ropes.

Hatfield carefully places the larger ladder into the ring ropes. He Irish-Whips Touchdown into hard. He places the other ladder directly across. Both men shove each other into the ladders in a fun looking spot. Hatfield sends his son, Boomer, under the ring to grab a chair. Boomer grabs it reluctantly, but doesn't wish to particpate any further. Hatfield grabs more chairs on his own. Back in the ring...Hatfield goes for a jackhammer onto all the chairs but Touchdown blocks it. Huge haymaker to Touchdown's gut. Touchdown responds with an Alabama slam onto the chairs! Touchdown grabs the larger ladder from the ropes and sets it up in the center. He gets halfway up until Hatfield starts whipping the bad leg into the ladder. Touchdown refuses to let go. Hatfield places a chair around Touchdown's bad leg...HE SMASHES IT WITH ANOTHER CHAIR. Touchdown drops. Hatfield goes to ringside and puts on his elbow pad. Jackhammer from Hatfield. He climbs the smaller ladder but Touchdown climbs the other side. They exchange slaps...SUPERPLEX from the top of the ladder!! Both men are down.

Smaller ladder gets set up underneath the bigger ladder. Flea Flicker from Mr. Touchdown (back-drop lungblower). Touchdown nearly grabs the belt, but Hatfield sneak up behind him...SIT OUT POWERBOMB THROUGH THE SMALLER LADDER. Hatfield climbs...he grabs the belt.

Dasher Hatfield retrieves the belt and retains the Chikara Grand Championship

Hatfield celebrates. Mr. Touchdown isn't moving.

That's the show friends.