Matt Taven defeated Jay Lethal and Marty Scurll in a Ladder Match to become the new ROH World Champion at ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard (full results here). Wrestling Inc. was at the post-match presser to get first reactions from the champion.

Wrestling Inc. asked Taven now that he's the champ, who should get the first crack at his title? He named Jay Lethal as someone he feels deserves a rematch.

"I complained about a conspiracy for a year, I said that this company wasn't living up to wrestling traditions," Taven said. "So, what I'm gonna do first is give the champion his rematch, Jay Lethal deserves a rematch. But do you see any worry in Matt Taven's eyes? Matt Taven went 60 minutes with Jay Lethal, he beat him right here in Madison Square Garden, he has no problem putting this title on the line against him one more time."

Taven didn't just stop with Lethal though, Taven was also asked by Wrestling Inc. now that he's ROH World Champion—and there's a few dual champions at the moment (Jeff Cobb and Guerrillas of Destiny)—if he would set his sights on the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Kazuchika Okada won the title shortly after this presser.

"I'm one of the only men in history to hold titles in CMLL, New Japan, and Ring of Honor," Taven responded. "I'm one of the only men to hold every single title in Ring of Honor. So, if the winner is Jay White or Okada, I don't care, if they have the balls to put that title on the line, I guarantee that these shoulders will be dripping in gold from left to right.

"There is no one better than me in the entire world and every time I've been given the opportunity, I've succeeded. If New Japan wants to remember who I am, remember I won the tag titles there? Hi! If they actually want to give credit where credit is due, they will put that title on the line against the greatest champion in the world. I will show them that for the last four years they made a mistake not calling Matt Taven to come back."

You can hear Taven's full comments in the videos below.

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