- Zelina Vega and "El Idolo" Andrade have become the newest subjects for Rob Schamberger's Canvas 2 Canvas. You can watch Schamberger create in the video above.

- WWE shared a photo of their most decorated WWE Women's Champions on Twitter. The list includes:

  • Charlotte Flair (8 Reigns)

  • Trish Stratus (7 Reigns)

  • Mickie James (6 Reigns)

  • Alexa Bliss (5 Reigns)

  • Melina (5 Reigns)

You can see WWE's tweet below:

- Kurt Angle took to Instagram to share a favorite moment from his rookie year. He said that one of his favorite moments was getting the opportunity to Angleslam Mae Young. In a tribute of how tough she was, he explained that he never met a human being tougher than her. He also ended the post calling her a badass.

Below is Angle's post: