As seen above, Inside The Ropes posted video of Nia Jax talking to members of the media while in New York City for WrestleMania 35 Weekend. Regarding her appearance in the Men's Royal Rumble match back in January, Jax revealed that she didn't find out about being in the match until right before it began. She said it was pretty shocking and the highest moment of her career, as of now.

Jax was asked about the WWE live event advertisement that had her facing Dean Ambrose in a "Intergender Special Attraction Match" back on February 22 at a WWE live event in Jonesboro, Arkansas. It was reported in late February that while the match did not happen, the idea of doing an intergender match in WWE was still very much alive. It was also reported that the match just wasn't happening at that live event, indicating some sort of scheduling issue, not a creative issue with the match. Jax claimed the match didn't happen due to scheduling problems.

"Unfortunately my schedule was messed... they didn't have the schedule right," Jax claimed. "And I have Total Divas work that I had to go to. So, it was more of like, the scheduling was off and we couldn't make it work."

Jax also joked that of course Ambrose is scared of her. "He's the one who asked for it to be scrapped, just kidding," Jax joked.

Jax had praise for WWE NXT Superstar Bianca Belair when asked about who from the yellow & black brand we should be looking out for.

"Bianca Belair is definitely my favorite," Jax said. "For sure, you have to watch out for her coming up in the ranks. And hopefully she comes up soon, it'd be cool because she'd add another little flavor to the roster. She's just an incredible athlete, and she's strong."

Jax was asked about men supporting women in the WrestleMania 35 main event and she talked about how many of her male co-workers have supported the women's evolution in the company.

"You know what, I really love being in this industry, being a female, being a strong female," Jax said. "Not only being around the men, I'm able to learn so much from them and not just because I watch them, but I talk to them and they give me advice, and they support us. It wasn't just the women pushing for it. A lot of the men backstage are super supportive of what we do. So, I really love being, you know... especially being so different here, it's really empowering to be a part of such a big roster with men on there."