As it was reported earlier, NXT referee Tom Castor broke his leg during a match between The Velveteen Dream and Tyler Breeze at yesterday's NXT live event in Omaha, Nebraska.

Castor did somehow manage to finish refereeing the match and counted Dream's pinfall over Breeze.

Since the injury, a few NXT stars have reacted to it. Shane Thorne teasingly said that "Ok sure Castor is tough and all, but come on that was a slow three count." He also shared a GIF from the 2010 film Valentine's Day with Taylor Swift saying, "Walk it off, baby, just walked it off."

Mia Yim wrote along with a GIF too: "I can't wait to do the kid n play with Tom Castor and our bionic legs."

Velveteen Dream who was in the match wrote a long post that ended with "Say THANK U We R Blessed 2 Have Tom Castor."

You can read their Twitter posts below: