WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins was on an international media call yesterday to help promote next month's WWE Money in the Bank PPV. At that event, Rollins will be defending the title against AJ Styles. On the call he commented about his title defense, along with his thoughts on Dean Ambrose's future. Thanks to Solo Wrestling for the highlights.

In regards to his match against Styles, Rollins felt like it will be a special match because he considers himself and Styles the two best wrestlers in the world. Last night's RAW closed out with Rollins and Styles signing the contract for their match.

"I hope fans are as excited as AJ and me, because it's going to be something really special," Rollins said. "AJ Styles and me are the best wrestlers in the world right now. The match will be one of the most special this year."

Earlier this month, Dean Ambrose officially finished up with WWE, wrestling his final matches alongside Roman Reigns and Rollins. Rollins was asked about Ambrose's future, but he admitted that's something only Ambrose will know.

"The only one who knows where Dean Ambrose is going now is Dean Ambrose," Rollins said. "Maybe he's working for another wrestling company, maybe he's going back to WWE, maybe he's going into another activity in the entertainment world, or maybe only take his dog for a walk in the company of his wife."