The Shield reunited for what may be the final time after this week's post-WrestleMania 35 edition of WWE RAW from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

As seen below, WWE confirmed the dark main event reunion of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins on Twitter, and used the "#ThankYouAmbrose" hashtag as he's reportedly leaving. As noted, Ambrose had a brawl with Bobby Lashley on RAW and that was originally billed as his final match in WWE.

The dark segment after RAW saw Rollins address the crowd and acknowledged that they were pissed off with the main event, the "Winner Takes All" match with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston that was interrupted by The Bar. Rollins then called Kofi a pioneer and a trailblazer and generally put him over to get the crowd back on his side. Rollins then brought Roman Reigns out, initially to boos, until Rollins reminded them of the leukemia battle Reigns recently returned from. Rollins then called Ambrose to join he and Reigns in the ring for a proper sendoff.

Ambrose came out with a water bottle that he was spitting tobacco into. Rollins put over how much he's learned from Ambrose as the fans chanted for him not to leave.

Ambrose said that the best thing he's ever seen in WWE was Rollins stomping Lesnar's "dumb, lunchbox head into the ground and take the title back for the boys." Ambrose then praised Reigns for beating "the s--t" out of cancer. Ambrose added that they debuted at the arena and Arn Anderson called them "two indie schmucks and a football player." Ambrose said that a building is just a building, it's the people who fill it that matter. Ambrose then took a few bows for his farewell.

The Shield ended the segment with their signature fist bump as their music played to send everyone home.

Below is video from the segment: