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Recap of Wrestlemania's cruiserweight title match, where Tony Nese stunned the WWE Universe and defeated Buddy Murphy. Highlights of the match are shown, with Nese getting the win via the running corner knee-strike.

205 Live intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to 205 Live. They hype the evening's main event...a rematch between Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese for the cruiserweight championship.

Jack Gallagher's music hits. He makes his way out with Drew Gulak for the first bout of the night. Gulak joins the commentary table. Gallagher's opponent...Humberto Carrillo.

Humberto Carrillo versus Jack Gallagher

Tie-up. Gallagher with a wristlock and a takedown. Joint manipulation. Carrillo bounces to his feet to reverse the hold but Gallagher regains control. Gallagher tries pinning Carrillo's shoulders to the mat...Carrillo responds with a monkey-flip. He goes for his walk the ropes arm drag...Gallagher pulls him off and drops him onto the top rope. Gulak berates Carrillo on commentary for once again taking a high-risk when he didn't need to. Gallagher lays into Carrillo with right hands, pounding him down in the corner. Carrillo lands a few strikes of his own but Gallagher slows Carrillo down with another takedown. Double-knee stomp from Gallagher. Cover...two count. Gallagher shifts into a neck crank. Carrillo breaks the hold...right hands...Gallagher stops his momentum with a dropkick.

Suplex blocked by Carrillo. He rolls Gallagher up and nearly gets the win...Gallagher hits a running elbow. He goes back after Carrillo's arm and presses him to the mat. Carrillo lands on his feet after a back suplex attempt...Carrillo can't take advantage. Carrillo ends up on the apron...he lands a right hand...top rope crossbody! Dropkick sends Gallagher to the outside. TWISTING TOPE CON HILO FROM CARRILLO! He throws Gallagher back in the ring...Gulak yells at him for his move-set. Carrillo doesn't pay attention...he gets to the top and lands a missile dropkick. Gallagehr gets a shoulder up on the pin.

Nice exchange from both men...Gallagher with a discus elbow...Carrillo with a flipping arm-drag. Carrillo climbs...Gulak pushes him off the top rope! That's a DQ.

Humberto Carrillo wins by disqualification.

Gulak beats Carrillo down...screaming at him for not listening. English calls him Bobby Knight. Gallagher stops Gulak....HEADBUTT FROM GALLAGHER! Gulak goes to the outside. Carrillo can't believe Gallagher helped him. Gulak and Gallagher have a staredown. Highlights from the matchup are shown.

Backstage Buddy Murphy is taping his wrists. He congratulates Nese for stopping the unstoppable. "But tonight I prove why I'm the greatest cruiserweight of all time," growls Murphy.

Cut to Nese. He says that Wrestlemania was the greatest day of his life, especially with his family being there. He tells Murphy that he plans on repeating his performance, and stop the unstoppable.

Main event is next.

Commercial for WWE 2k19.

Oney Lorcan is talking with Drake Maverick. Cedric Alexander strolls up, wondering if the meeting is about their rematch. Maverick says that the rematch will indeed take place...next week. Lorcan taunts Alexander...claiming that he plans on dethroning Alexander as the King of 205 Live. "Bring it," responds Alexander.

Buddy Murphy is out first, which means it's main event time. The new champion...Tony Nese...is out second.

Buddy Murphy versus Tony Nese for the cruiserweight championship

Tie-up. Stalemate. Second tie-up...they travel across the ring but remain locked up the entire time. Referee breaks the hold. Shoving match. Murphy locks in a headlock...Nese bounces him off the ropes...shoulder bump by Murphy. He applies another headlock. Nese gets out and hits a running elbow. Trash talk from Nese at a downed Murphy. They reset.

Another tie-up. Neither man budges on the grapple. Nese gets Murphy to the corner and lets go...big slap from Murphy. Nese responds with a combo that ends with a leg sweep. He smashes Murphy's head off the turnbuckles. Nese charges in the corner...Murphy pops up over him...he goes down grabbing his knee. Nese tries to attack but the referee pushes him away. Murphy takes advantage and tosses Nese into the ringpost...Nese rolls to ringside. Murphy in pursuit....he whips Nese into the barricade, then tosses him over the announce table.

Back in the ring...Murphy nails the V-trigger. Vertical suplex from Murphy. Nese dodges strikes from Murphy but Murphy stops his comeback by dropping him over the top rope. Tope Con Hilo from Murphy. He throws Nese back in...Murphy climbs...flying meteora! Cover...Nese escapes. Murphy slows the action down with a chinlock. Nese seems dazed...he picks up Murphy on his back and breaks the hold by slamming him into the corner. Murphy fires back with a boot...tornado DDT over the rope. Murphy climbs...PALM STRIKE FROM NESE SENDS MURPHY TO THE ARENA FLOOR. Murphy tries to get back in...running knee. Murphy falls to ringside...twisting tope con hilo from Nese! (And he sticks the landing!) Now Nese starts whipping Murphy into the barricade. He throws Murphy over the announcer table!

Actions spills back into the ring. Nese with a top rope frankensteiner! He ties Murphy up in the ropes and lands his signature springboard moonsault. Pinfall...Murphy gets a shoulder up! Nice sequence of counters from both men...pumhandle buster by Nese with cover! Two count! Nese goes for mounted corner punches...Murphy turns it into a sit-out powerbomb! NESE JUST KICKS OUT. Murphy goes for the V-trigger again...Nese catches it...big left hand. Vertcial suplex into the corner...Nese goes for the running knee...Murphy somehow counters it and both men end up on the apron. V-trigger! Both men are down on the outside.

Buddy Murphy goes to powerbomb Nese through the announce table...he can't pick Nese up because Nese is out. NESE POPS UP...HE WAS PLAYING POSSUM. Back body drop and Nese hits the announce table hard! Referee counts...Murphy beats it at the last second! Nese and Murphy trade strikes in the center. Superkick from Nese...Murphy with a lariat! He goes for Murphy's Law...he nails it! NESE KICKS OUT AGAIN. Murphy can't believe it! He hits Nese with two huge knees. Nese with a poison frankensteiner! Murphy's in the corner. Running Nese! Another jumping one! Got em!

Tony Nese wins by pinfall and retains the cruiserweight championship.

Nese celebrates. Crowd loved all of this. Lots of "205" chants during. Highlights of the match are shown. Commentary wonders if Lorcan versus Alexander next week will have title implications. Murphy leaves as Nese stands tall.

That's the show friends.