Carmella chatted with Hollywood Life about her new wine Capo Cagna and her upcoming match at WWE Money In The Bank.

In 2017, WWE changed the landscape of its roster and gave woman the opportunity to compete in the first ever Woman's Money In The Bank match. It was Carmella who capitalized on this remarkable opportunity and retrieved the coveted Money In The Bank briefcase. Carmella held onto the briefcase for two hundred eighty seven days (the longest streak ever held) before finally successfully cashing it in on then WWE Woman's Champion, Charlotte Flair.

Since then, Carmella has entertained viewers with matches against Becky Lynch, defeated NXT standout Asuka, and has gotten crowds of their feet with her and R-Truth's 'Seven Second Dance Break'. With another Money in the Bank opportunity around the corner, Carmella has a chance to add even more to her ever-growing resume.

However, Carmella understands this time around may not be so easy, given her previous victory in this match, her next Money In The Bank match could see her wearing a target on her back. That target does not seem to deter her focus as she confirmed with Hollywood Life.

"I am used to having a target on my back," Carmella said. "I have always had a target on my back, ever since I started with the WWE. I have been doubted since day one. I was the very last draft pick to come to SmackDown Live. I was the last one picked so everyone can relate to being the last one picked in gym class but you know what? I have something to prove. That is what I have done my entire career. I was never the chosen one. I was never on the independents. I never did anything prior to being with the WWE. So, I feel like the people who doubt me, I want to prove them wrong. I want to be a Capo Cagna!"

RAW and SmackDown Woman's Champion Becky Lynch is scheduled to defend both of her titles in two separate matches at tonight's Money In The Bank against Charlotte and Lacey Evans. Given the physical demand of pro wrestling, cashing in on Lynch after her second match could prove successful. However, Carmella won't give in to any unnecessary pressure nor feel rushed to make any quick decisions at the Pay-Per-View.

"I think whoever wins… AKA me!," Carmella exclaimed. "I think that is a really good idea. She will be having two matches, and she will be worn out. But, I will say that I held onto that briefcase for two hundred and eighty-seven days. I beat Edge's record for holding that briefcase. So, I am very calculated when it comes to that so, no matter what, if I win – when I win, I am going to do the right thing."